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Tehkron CagePro GoPro Powered Cage

To solve the issues of short battery life on the GOPRO HERO3/ HERO3+ cameras, a short time ago a GoPro Powered Cage (concept) running off of Canon LP-E6 batteries was introduced. It appeared to be well received, so the concept idea was moved quickly into manufacturing. The day it was announced, YouTube member Blunty created a short 'WANT' video about the CagePro [Thanks Blunty].

Fast forward a few months and several prototypes later, the new CagePro is finally ready to ship with an optional Top Handle and the final version can accept 52mm threaded CPL or ND filters. Since the new HERO3+ camera is exactly the same size, the CagePro is compatible with both the HERO3 / HERO3+ cameras once placed in the skeleton housing. Announced today in a newsletter, pre-orders are available now (limit 1 per customer) and is expected to ship earlier than November 10th.

For more information about the CagePro GoPro Hero3 / Hero3+ Powered Cage check out the listing page (found here).
Tehkron CagePro with Top Handle Gopro Powered CageTehkron CagePro Canon LP-E6 Battery Powered GoPro Cage
CagePro GoPro Canon LP-E6 Battery Powered Cage w/ Top Handle



More specs available for view about Canon's latest G1X camera. With a sensor almost as large as the Canon 7D and ISO noise rumored to be better using the latest High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor with DIGIC 5 Image Processor (up to 128oo ISO), this will be an interesting camera when you don't want to carry an interchangeable lens camera or something as stripped down as a pocketable point and shoot.

Canon G1X Lens Adapter Filter Speedlite Underwater Housing

58mm filter thread available on the lens, optional lens extensions can be mounted (i.e. wide angle), hot shoe to accept external Canon Speedlites, and a waterproof housing will be available also for some underwater action. I was pretty impressed with the video quality on the pocketable S100 with Digic 5 processor, but the S100 does not have an imaging sensor as large as the G1X. I can't wait to start seeing some samples. You can check out the long list of features on the recently available Amazon pre-order page (click here).

Canon-G1X-LCDCanon G1X Electronic Dial
find-price-button Pre-Order Canon G1 X 14.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera Image Stabilized 1080p


The price wars are still going on with the Canon 5D Mark II discounts under $2K, but the deal people are talking about is the 5D Mark II Body, Sandisk 16GB Compact Flash Card, and Red Giant Video Production Software Bundle ($694 value). You can find that bundle following the link (click here).

find-price-button Canon 5D Mark II (body) + Sandisk Compact Flash + Red Giant Software Bundle


If you're any type of camera geek, you could appreciate all the work these guys put into thier Double Exposure project. Obviously an Action filled flick, but i'm sure camera enthusiasts will find much humor throughout. I won't say anymore so that I don't spoil the entire concept. [Thanks Koen]


CanonS100Canon S100-Camera

I got a pretty sweet deal on this constantly sold out Canon S100. If you find a few available, normally they've marked it up by another $100 dollars. The deal I found happened to come with a bundle for the same price as the basic camera (no tax and free shipping). There were about 7 available at the time, but shortly after posting it on my blog (here), the deal ended.


The Fuji X10 is another hard camera to find for regular price. I was lucky, but shortly after posting this X10 article (here), it's currently on backorder. I'll be testing out the new Fuji X10 and Canon S100 to see which one fits best to replace my GF2.

The X10 is bit larger, very easy to navigate (feels DSLR-ish) and has a better aperture through it's range over the S100. The Canon S100 is smaller, fits in your pocket, and has some fun stylish effects with images. It's sporting Canon's latest Digic 5 processor and is said to be fairly good with controlling noise in low light. The HD video might even be better quality from what I can tell so far. More to come...

Canon Sx240 Fuji X10 Canon S100 Sony NEX5n
Canon SX240, Canon S100, Fuji X10, and Sony NEX-5n

Both cameras are currently sold out, but if it's something you must have for the upcoming holidays, you can find a few with marked up prices via Amazon below.

find-price-button Fuji X10 Digital Camera

find-price-button Canon Powershot S100


With all the hype surrounding today's announcements in Hollywood, the availability of the Canon Powershot S100 was overshadowed. These cameras are wiped out of stock from B&H Photo very quickly, and there's one on Amazon going for a higher marked up price. Checking over on eBay there's a few more listings, also some marked up prices. There is of course one New York camera store offering it for the MSRP price tag, and is also throwing in a 20 piece kit of random goodies like SDHC cards, Card Readers, Camera strap, etc.

I'm already dead set on this camera since playing with the previous Canon S95 and have already placed my order (ready to replace my GF1). I anticipate this camera will be out of stock before the weekend, unless you're willing to pay above MSRP prices. Check out the seller (click here).

find-price-button Canon Powershot S100 Digic 5, F/2.0 5x Zoom 12.1.MP

[Update] That seller is sold out, but there's still a few at different prices following the link.


Screen shot 2011-09-17 at 12.48.04 AM

Canon just recently announced the upgrade to the popular Canon S95 and SX30IS, replacing them with the new Canon S100 and Canon SX40IS. These are two very popular cameras with features like full manual controls, 1080HD Video, Shoot in RAW, and can zoom from 24mm-840mm (35x). There's already an Amazon page dedicated to each camera with a full breakdown of features including information about the new CMOS and Digic 5 image processor.

The Digic 5 processor is said to be 6x times faster with 75% less noise than the Digic 4. The ability to auto white balance has also been greatly improved. Umm hold on, was that 75% less noise? Those numbers are a major improvement. Think of this as a sneak peek to what we'll be seeing in future DSLRs. Definitely worth the read - found below.

Canon S100
find-price-button Canon PowerShot S100 12.1 MP Digic 5 Processor

Canon SX40IS
find-price-button Canon SX40IS 35x IS Zoom Digic 5 Processor

Earlier I posted some big savings that SanDisk was offering of it's Compact Flash media and SDHC cards. You can find that article here: Lexar is now offering a Buy Two and save type deal on many of their media cards, so if Transcend wasn't good enough, Sandisk doesn't meet your needs, then Lexar might be up your alley. Found below.

find-price-button Lexar Buy Two Deal


Summer is here, and the weather is looking good. Time to take to the air with a Quad copter. These little GAUI quad copters are creating quite a 'buzz' (pun intended). GAUI makes inexpensive quad rotor helicopters that can carry quite a bit of weight, which seems to be trending towards small cameras like the GoPro HD or Contour HD. Keep in mind that these Copters are not toys and are serious flying machines that you'll need to take great care and responsibility with (unless you're a seasoned RC flyer already).

3 AXIS Gimble Camera Mount Stabilizer

Tons of other companies are making some very cool aftermarket accessories. Looks like tons of fun. There's also several accessories for landing gears, camera mounts, pan / tilt setups, and 3 axis gimbals to help keep the camera's horizon level even though the copter might sway a bit. There's a whole slew of GAUI Copter related videos over at, and plenty of GAUI quad copters kits and accessories can be found for great prices via eBay.

find-price-button GAUI Quad Copter and Accessories