Double Exposure: Canon vs. Nikon – Geek Video

If you're any type of camera geek, you could appreciate all the work these guys put into thier Double Exposure project. Obviously an Action filled flick, but i'm sure camera enthusiasts will find much humor throughout. I won't say anymore so that I don't spoil the entire concept. [Thanks Koen]

11 thoughts on “Double Exposure: Canon vs. Nikon – Geek Video

  1. SimonL

    This classic "high contrast, blue blacks and yellow whites" grading is REALLY getting boring. I understand it is easy and works instantly but it doesn't show any creativity or mastery of the color grading process. I admit it is well made technically.

  2. Vlad

    Hahah this is so creative, funny and well done!
    When I photograph with my 7D I have the same idea of firing an chaingun..

    And hey.. in this movie the Canon camera's beats the badass Nikon hehe.

  3. Austin

    I have had a similar idea and was scared at first that someone beat me to it. THey kinda did but oh well still going to go make my once I find a good location XD Just wont seem as original. Still think a camera flash should = flash grenade XD oh well.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @HDSLR Gear - Yeah i'll have to run through my Speedlite manual again. I don't remember seeing that feature. haha.

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