SlingStudio Multi Camera Live Production Streaming with iPod Touch

When it comes to Multiple Camera Angles and Live Streaming, I'm constantly impressed with the simplicity and ease of use with SlingStudio. Instead of an ATEM hardware switcher, you're managing everything from a simple iPad - wirelessly. Instead of running cables back to your switcher, your cameras are wireless and free to roam. Even though you can use professional cameras with a CameraLink adapter, you always have the option of simplifying your setup using the SlingStudio Capture app on iOS or Android Smartphones.

For those smaller productions or on location, I decided to invest in (4) 16GB 6th Gen iPod Touches. They are inexpensive new, but you can also save a few bucks if you find refurbished models. Launch the app, and the video feed is streamed right to the SlingStudio hub.

find-price-button 6th Gen iPod Touch

To increase run time, I threw them into an iPhone 5 battery case. The iPhone 5 is pretty much out the door, so battery cases can be picked up for dirt cheap. Since an iPod touch is physically slimmer than an iPhone, you'll need to add a little bit of padding behind the iPod to take up the extra space. Outside of that, iPhone 5 cases are a perfect fit.

find-price-button iPhone 5 Battery Case

In order to mount the iPod Touch, I specifically chose the Ztylus Z-Grip Clamp. This allows for a tripod mount, and also a cold shoe mount for a microphone or LED light. The clamp is also designed to be used as a hand grip if you're shooting handheld.

find-price-button Ztylus Z-Grip Clamp

For better audio, I decided on the Rode VideoMicro Microphone. These microphones are small, come with a shock mount, and will work directly to any camera. But if you purchase the (optional) TRRS patch cable, then it will directly work with iOS devices too. I think the furry windscreen also makes the setup look pretty cool too.

find-price-button Rode VideoMicro Microphone

There's a few more things i'm going to add to my ultra portable setup here such as an XLR to iOS adapter so it will give me more options to use different microphones or audio mixers. I'm excited to start putting this mobile setup to use, and if you're interested in Multiple Camera Switching for Live Streaming, check out more info about the new SlingStudio (here):

SlingStudio Wireless Live Switch Live Stream Live Production
find-price-button SlingStudio Multi-Cam Live Switch + Stream + Record

27 thoughts on “SlingStudio Multi Camera Live Production Streaming with iPod Touch

  1. I have been using Sony A6500 for years in order to conduct live streaming sessions from my office to discuss business progress with my team. The issue I am facing is with multistreaming sessions now as the device Sony A6500 is not supporting these sessions anymore. Seeking your advice for replacing this device with a new one.

  2. Iyanu Ademowo

    Hello Cheesy.
    Came across your website as alternate source of info on slingstudio as I couldn’t access the website from Nigeria. Great product though. We just got it for our Church works and I pushed for that. Tried it with iPhones and it worked fine. However I ran into the 25fps challenge (as I didn’t expect this to be a problem, just expected that I would simply switch the settings) so our existing 2 cameras are not going to work with it (Sony MC2500).

    I would appreciate if you can help (for the growing users outside the US)
    1. provide the supported device list on your site
    2. Advocate for a firmware update to support Pal (25 &50fps)
    3. Advocate they make their website accessible for goodness sakes, this is 2018... and we need all the info we need to fully enjoy this goodie

    We got the whole deal (hub, battery, 2 cameralinks, extender). Love that we have them and already have other churches around asking about sling studio.

    Cheers and God bless.

  3. John Beal

    Hi. I was wondering if the you can take the mini-HDMI output from the SlingStudio HUB and put it through a Blackmagic HDMI to SDI converter? I need to provide an SDI signal for an event to be broadcast on the cable system and they require an SDI signal.
    Has anyone done this with the SlingStudio or see any reason why it wouldn't work?

  4. Post author

    @J. - I think it would work in any country, but only certain NTSC framerates are supported from certain cameras. They list their specs on their website.

  5. J.

    Hey Emm,

    You might not know the answers, but here goes...
    This is currently only sold in the US. Presuming I bought one down there and imported it to Canada, do you see any issue with functionality being inoperable due to not being an officially supported country? I'd have to get the app from the US iTunes store but other than that, I think I'd be good to go? There's nothing country specific about the functionality is there? (Just in terms of the unit's built in wifi point.)

    Also, what's the point of 10 cameras if you can only switch between 4 of them? Might this be improved in a future firmware update?

  6. Post author

    @Elvis - The Blackmagic ATEM is a more complicated setup, but it offers the best quality in a live environment, and the greatest distance for placing cameras. Since the SlingStudio relies on wireless or mainly HDMI type inputs your range will always be a max of 300 feet, but in a crowded environment maybe around 100-200 feet.

  7. Post author

    @Brandon L - The 2 second delay is at the program feed. Audio and video are always in sync regardless how you input video and audio to the hub. There are no sync issues. But because of the 2 second delay on the program feed, I would not suggest broadcasting to a live projector at an event where an audience will notice the delay. If you are only using this for streaming to the internet, nobody would notice.

  8. Elvis

    How robust is the titling/lower thirds, or are they very basic? If you could get a Blackmagic ATEM or this, which would you go for?

  9. Brandon L

    Have you had a chance to test out that 2 second delay? Thinking about using this for my church.

  10. Emm,
    If it's capable of Wifi, would Wifi cameras like the Sony A7S/A7R series be able to connect without using the adapter?

  11. Post author

    @Maurice - They do support android. I've used my super old Samsung Galaxy S4 with SlingStudio. I would just double check their website to see which android OS they support.

  12. Post author

    @Frew Gauley - I went for the 16GB iPod Touch as you don't need any storage. The app merely streams the video to the Hub which is recorded on the SlingStudio hub itself onto an SDXC Card or to a USB hard Drive (with optional USB Extension adapter).

  13. Maurice

    If they were supporting Android tablets already such as the Galaxy tabs then
    It would be a no brainer to break the piggy bank and get it.

  14. I've been researching this multi-cam approach and so happy to see a robust product now available.
    Wondering about your choice of iPod touch storage. Did you go for max storage capacity? Do you need lots of storage on each device or does the content stream to one location/HD and compile there (presumably at the switcher).
    Also related, I've been trying to find a good robotic tripod head to follow the action automatically. I think there's great potential to use this at sporting events...
    Thanks! Long live the cheese!

  15. Thanks @Emm for this review and answering my previous question. Anyway, do let me know once you have tried the real world application with the CameraLink Adapter. I am curious to know how really far this setup can cover (I mean beyond the iPod touch and iPhone7 usage).

    Thanks in advance again @Emm.

  16. Post author

    @kicap - Max range is 300ft, but that depends on the wifi of the hardware device. For instance an iPod touch probably doesn't have as good Wifi as an iPhone 7. But when you use the CameraLink adapter, that's when you get the best range.

  17. Post author

    @Malani - The Wifi connection is really good in short distance and we did a 7 hour non-stop Live Stream to YouTube through iPhones. That's what really sold me on using iPod touches. It was so simple. They say the max distance is 300ft, but that depends on the device you are using. An iPhone may have more reach than an iPod touch. But the CameraLink adapter will get you further than an iPhone.

  18. Thanks for this, Em. I've been waiting for something like this! BUT, I want to hear how it preforms in the real world. Distance, drop out, etc.

  19. Nice! Could use HDMI out to a computer that provides titling or green screen or other compositing and feeds back into the HDMI in. 😀

  20. MalaniW

    How is the wifi connection? Any problem if you are at an event with a lot of people around? What is the distance away from the hub you can get before you start having problems with the connection? Do you get more distance from the camera link than you get from the ipad? I so want to get this and I would buy it immediately if it supported 25fps. I really just waiting for that firmware announcement when the include it so I can pull the trigger on this purchase. Thanks for showing us your setup.

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