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When it comes to Multiple Camera Angles and Live Streaming, I'm constantly impressed with the simplicity and ease of use with SlingStudio. Instead of an ATEM hardware switcher, you're managing everything from a simple iPad - wirelessly. Instead of running cables back to your switcher, your cameras are wireless and free to roam. Even though you can use professional cameras with a CameraLink adapter, you always have the option of simplifying your setup using the SlingStudio Capture app on iOS or Android Smartphones.

For those smaller productions or on location, I decided to invest in (4) 16GB 6th Gen iPod Touches. They are inexpensive new, but you can also save a few bucks if you find refurbished models. Launch the app, and the video feed is streamed right to the SlingStudio hub.

find-price-button 6th Gen iPod Touch

To increase run time, I threw them into an iPhone 5 battery case. The iPhone 5 is pretty much out the door, so battery cases can be picked up for dirt cheap. Since an iPod touch is physically slimmer than an iPhone, you'll need to add a little bit of padding behind the iPod to take up the extra space. Outside of that, iPhone 5 cases are a perfect fit.

find-price-button iPhone 5 Battery Case

In order to mount the iPod Touch, I specifically chose the Ztylus Z-Grip Clamp. This allows for a tripod mount, and also a cold shoe mount for a microphone or LED light. The clamp is also designed to be used as a hand grip if you're shooting handheld.

find-price-button Ztylus Z-Grip Clamp

For better audio, I decided on the Rode VideoMicro Microphone. These microphones are small, come with a shock mount, and will work directly to any camera. But if you purchase the (optional) TRRS patch cable, then it will directly work with iOS devices too. I think the furry windscreen also makes the setup look pretty cool too.

find-price-button Rode VideoMicro Microphone

There's a few more things i'm going to add to my ultra portable setup here such as an XLR to iOS adapter so it will give me more options to use different microphones or audio mixers. I'm excited to start putting this mobile setup to use, and if you're interested in Multiple Camera Switching for Live Streaming, check out more info about the new SlingStudio (here):

SlingStudio Wireless Live Switch Live Stream Live Production
find-price-button SlingStudio Multi-Cam Live Switch + Stream + Record


sling studio slingstudio wireless live stream

To me, the new SlingStudio is one of the most innovative products shown at NAB2017, and i'm lucky to have a set to review prior to their official release! I've been a big fan of Live Switching and Live Streaming for a few years, but it's been out of reach for many small production teams. Now SlingStudio is making it easier and simpler to offer Multi-Cam Live Streaming.

With SlingStudio you can stream a video feed from any camera (with HDMI out), or install an app on iOS and Android Smartphones and use those devices to stream video back to the SlingStudio Wireless Hub. Once you have all your cameras sending a video feed to the SlingStudio wireless Hub, with an iPad you can then see all of the feeds (up to 10 feeds) and live switch between them.

You can choose to record your Live Switch Program to an SDXC or with an expander you can use an external USB drive. You can also choose to record each feed independently to edit later. The wireless hub as an HDMI input if you want to connect a single camera directly, and there's even a dedicated Audio Line In so you can pipe in a clean audio feed.

To stream an HDMI feed, you can get an optional CameraLink adapter which means you can use cameras like your Panasonic GH4, or Sony A7sII, or even a GoPro (anything with HDMI out). Once you have your camera feeds and recording media setup, you can even opt to Live Stream to a service like YouTube or Facebook, etc.

The SlingStudio Wireless Hub can be battery powered, so you can truly Live Switch + Live Stream from any location - completely wirelessly. I'm currently working on a video about this product, but if you have questions or comments right now, leave them below.

Or read more about the new SlingStudio (here):

SlingStudio Wireless Live Switch Live Stream Live Production
SlingStudio Multi-Cam Live Switch + Stream + Record

When you're doing 'Live Production' and switching multi camera angles, you don't have the luxury of matching camera 'looks' in post. The 4.6K Ursa Mini is even so different than the Ursa Mini 4K sensor in dynamic range and low light sensitivity, it's a hard camera to match. I've also found myself using the Ursa Mini 4.6K so often, I thought it would be great to have a B-Camera that matched during interview setups. Finally I just ended up picking up a 3rd one for other projects that need 3 camera angles. I was able to purchase all of these BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K cameras over at https://DVEStore.com