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Amazon just listed the Canon Powershot S100 Digital Camera as a Gold Box Deal. Typically found for over $400 dollars (seen here at B&H), the deal today only lists the popular compact camera at $229 (click here)

Canon Powershot S100
find-price-button Canon Powershot S100


Sorry for the long wait, but here is the official announcement about the new MagFilter System . This is the Polarizer i've been using with my Sony RX100 cameras. I was able to help with some ideas on this fast and simple filter solution that can be used with many of today's high end compact cameras, while leaving the camera virtually unaltered.

mag filter2

The MagFilter System uses strong magnets within the Aluminum filter body, and attaches to the front area of high end compact cameras systems with a very thin metal ring that adheres to the camera.

mag filter

Using high quality coated glass optics from Japan, the Polarizer is the first MagFilters that will be available this week. There are two different sizes that can support a variety of cameras. The 42mm MagFilter works on cameras like the Sony HX9V, HX10V, HX20V, HX30V, and of course the new Sony RX100.


The smaller 36mm MagFilter works on cameras like the Canon S95 and Canon S100. I've been testing the Polarizer for a few weeks, and it works to cut glare from reflective surfaces such as water, glass, leaves, and even helps retain information in the sky.


One thing I noticed is that the Sony RX100 seems to retain more details in the shadows when using the polarizer, possibly because it cuts down on those specular highlights in the scenery. With very bright highlights, the Sony RX100 will try to retain this by slightly underexposing. With the highlights being controlled in the scene, it seems like you can get a more balanced exposure - at least that's what i've experienced in some of my tests.

find-price-button MagFilter System for High End Compact Cameras


Sony HX20V ND Filter

Filters can play a fairly important part when capturing photos or videos. For instance, a CPL filter can 'correct' colors, saturation, and contrast to the image before it reaches the sensor. Bringing back washed out skies, saturating bright blue oceans, or removing glares from foliage. This information is normally lost during image capture, and cannot be recovered in post editing, because the data just isn't there.

So what about all the new high end point and shoot cameras? What's the solution to adding ND filters, Variable ND filters, or CPL filters? Even with Manual video controls on the new Sony RX100, without a solid ND filter, you can't maintain your optimal shutter speed for that Cinematic look.

Well I've only teased a few times about a new product ready to hit the market very soon, but today I'm able to share a few teaser images. So far ND and CPL filters are ready for the Sony HX9V, Sony HX20V, Canon S100, and other popular high end point and shoot cameras (including RX100).

ND Filter Polarizer RX100 Sony HX20V

Cheesycam ND Filter Polarizer RX100 S100 HX9V

A very thin metal ring fits flush against the compact camera's front barrel. The super strong magnetic filter quickly attaches and detaches, and can even remain on when the camera is powered off with the lens fully retracted back into the camera body. That's all the information i'll share today, but i've provided a few images that will hopefully get you excited. I'm going to attach this to the Sony RX100 today. Want more information about this? Please follow me on Twitter for those updates https://Twitter.com/Cheesycam


This time I took my Canon S100 out on a few different Painter Poles with the Palo Alto adapter. One pole is around 16' fully extended, and then I wanted to test out my 30' (30 feet) Unger Pole. These are video examples, but ideally it would be best suited for still photography.

There's some additional information about the Palo Alto adapters in my previous article: http://cheesycam.com/pc-palo-alto-adapter-available/. In the video below i'm using my Unger 9'-30' Telescoping Pole found here: https://goo.gl/m5Ha8. There is also no image stabilization done in post, so you can imagine the improvement if I had.

The Palo Alto adapter was something I wanted to make for my own hobbies, but ended up making a small quantity available which sold out in a single day. The next small batch wasn't available until 9 months later (just last week) and again sold out in less than three days. It's such a niche market, that we are still only running them off in small quantities, but they should be available again, so check it out to see if it's something you'd be interested in playing with. You can find the Palo Alto adapters available at https://PhotographyandCinema.com (click here).

find-price-button Palo Alto Paint Pole Adapter from PhotographyandCinema.com


CanonS100Canon S100-Camera

I got a pretty sweet deal on this constantly sold out Canon S100. If you find a few available, normally they've marked it up by another $100 dollars. The deal I found happened to come with a bundle for the same price as the basic camera (no tax and free shipping). There were about 7 available at the time, but shortly after posting it on my blog (here), the deal ended.


The Fuji X10 is another hard camera to find for regular price. I was lucky, but shortly after posting this X10 article (here), it's currently on backorder. I'll be testing out the new Fuji X10 and Canon S100 to see which one fits best to replace my GF2.

The X10 is bit larger, very easy to navigate (feels DSLR-ish) and has a better aperture through it's range over the S100. The Canon S100 is smaller, fits in your pocket, and has some fun stylish effects with images. It's sporting Canon's latest Digic 5 processor and is said to be fairly good with controlling noise in low light. The HD video might even be better quality from what I can tell so far. More to come...

Canon Sx240 Fuji X10 Canon S100 Sony NEX5n
Canon SX240, Canon S100, Fuji X10, and Sony NEX-5n

Both cameras are currently sold out, but if it's something you must have for the upcoming holidays, you can find a few with marked up prices via Amazon below.

find-price-button Fuji X10 Digital Camera

find-price-button Canon Powershot S100


With all the hype surrounding today's announcements in Hollywood, the availability of the Canon Powershot S100 was overshadowed. These cameras are wiped out of stock from B&H Photo very quickly, and there's one on Amazon going for a higher marked up price. Checking over on eBay there's a few more listings, also some marked up prices. There is of course one New York camera store offering it for the MSRP price tag, and is also throwing in a 20 piece kit of random goodies like SDHC cards, Card Readers, Camera strap, etc.

I'm already dead set on this camera since playing with the previous Canon S95 and have already placed my order (ready to replace my GF1). I anticipate this camera will be out of stock before the weekend, unless you're willing to pay above MSRP prices. Check out the seller (click here).

find-price-button Canon Powershot S100 Digic 5, F/2.0 5x Zoom 12.1.MP

[Update] That seller is sold out, but there's still a few at different prices following the link.


Canon SX40 IS

Earlier I mentioned that Canon was releasing two new point and shoot cameras (Canon S100 and Canon SX40 IS) with the latest Digic 5 processor. This new processor is said to be 6x faster and have 75% less noise with enhanced imagery. That means cleaner images in low light situations. If you want a smaller more pocketable camera, wait on the S100. If you want something closer to DSLR-like, the first to hit 'in stock' status is the Canon SX40 IS which has 35x optical Zoom (35mm Equiv) means it goes from 24mm wide-angle and extends to 840mm. Tons of Canon's creative filters and Canon's latest Intelligent Image Stabilization, Full HD video, and an option for shooting video at 240fps (lower resolution good slow motion). There's just too many features to list here, you can check out more information following the link. Available now (click here).

Canon SX40IS
find-price-button Canon SX40IS 35x IS Zoom Digic 5 Processor