RX100 Filter ND or CPL Filters

Sony HX20V ND Filter

Filters can play a fairly important part when capturing photos or videos. For instance, a CPL filter can 'correct' colors, saturation, and contrast to the image before it reaches the sensor. Bringing back washed out skies, saturating bright blue oceans, or removing glares from foliage. This information is normally lost during image capture, and cannot be recovered in post editing, because the data just isn't there.

So what about all the new high end point and shoot cameras? What's the solution to adding ND filters, Variable ND filters, or CPL filters? Even with Manual video controls on the new Sony RX100, without a solid ND filter, you can't maintain your optimal shutter speed for that Cinematic look.

Well I've only teased a few times about a new product ready to hit the market very soon, but today I'm able to share a few teaser images. So far ND and CPL filters are ready for the Sony HX9V, Sony HX20V, Canon S100, and other popular high end point and shoot cameras (including RX100).

ND Filter Polarizer RX100 Sony HX20V

Cheesycam ND Filter Polarizer RX100 S100 HX9V

A very thin metal ring fits flush against the compact camera's front barrel. The super strong magnetic filter quickly attaches and detaches, and can even remain on when the camera is powered off with the lens fully retracted back into the camera body. That's all the information i'll share today, but i've provided a few images that will hopefully get you excited. I'm going to attach this to the Sony RX100 today. Want more information about this? Please follow me on Twitter for those updates https://Twitter.com/Cheesycam

41 thoughts on “RX100 Filter ND or CPL Filters

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @garjor - This is only the first filter released, not the last. All of those options are on the way.

  2. Dave


    My RX100 is crying out for both filters. Looking forward to details of how to purchase 😉


  3. Gregory

    Please do pass along purchasing information as soon as possible. I was out shooting some early morning footage this morning and could have definitely used both an ND and CPL filter! Many thanks!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @johnny - At this time they will only be releasing a CPL and ND filter in various sizes. Other accessories will follow.

  5. jonny

    Like the concept, great idea. I'll be ordering a polarizer as soon as you put them on sale. One question though: will the user be able to unscrew the filter from the red magnetic coupler in order to swap in a uv-haze (or whatever) when desired?

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @John - At this time you can't purchase these anywhere, but they are getting closer to a release date.

  7. John

    OK, Again, when will the RX100 be available? You mention in the video that the filter that is being displayed is for the HX9V and it works. Good enough for me if it works. WHERE can I order the current version of the filter-mount filters for the HX9V at this time??

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Urban B - These filters will come in a variety or different sizes depending on the camera. The RX100 should be using a larger one, but right now I just stuck on the one for my HX20V and it's about 42mm.

  9. RX100

    Still waiting for the ND / CPL magnetic filters for the Sony RX100 to become available - please what is the status?

  10. Randy Treibel

    Emm: You need two twitters: There's no way i'm going to follow someone who replies with as much noise(relatively to my need for it) as you have. You need one where you reply to customers and one where you just release pertinent info.

  11. archie

    when are they going to be ready? is there any pricing info yet?
    also what kind of screen protector is on the camera in the picture?

  12. Alexis

    Hello there.
    Ok watched the video, read the info and I'm impressed and I want to buy some magnetic filters for the Sony RX100. So how do I get hold of them please advice.
    Thanks Alexis

  13. Pops

    Mine should arrive tomorrow. I look forward to seeing how this will work on a steadicam. I must admit I'm still a little skeptical of the image quality.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @SamG - They are not available yet. I'm still testing some early prototypes from the company. Will announce when it's available.

  15. SamG

    Do we contact you directly as regards these filters for the RX100, or are they readily available and I'm just looking in the wrong place?

  16. Aries

    Yeah, in addition to the polarizing filters, a threaded ring that attaches magnetically to use with any filter would be awesome too.

    Can't get an ND soon enough.

  17. Tom

    @Emm, thanks for the quick response! The ultrawide on the Nex could probably have had filters, but I agree that in most cases for that type of lense, filters are not realistic.

    Thanks a lot for the tip, I will check that out! 🙂

  18. Tom

    Hi Emm,

    Any chance you can add filter rings with the same concept? The reason I am asking is that I have the Nex w/16mm and super wide adapter in front of that. However the sony super wide does not have any filter thread. I need a 49mm thread to use some rather exotic filters (baader ir uv cut filter, hot mirror filter, ir filter etc) since my Nex is modified for full spectrum photography.



  19. VisX

    May be a good idea to be able to add a "safety-string" - one end to this add-on lens, the other end to the camera's strap ring. So in case the magnet isn't strong enough to hold it during a bump, it will not drop to the ground. And also it will be handy when you don't need it for a shot. You can just remove it and let it dangles.

  20. jarrett towe

    Yeah this is sick. Please make some daylight videos showing the effects on a point and shoot! Is the ND variable? Cause if it isnt, put that on our beggars list! Bravo!

  21. P Gell

    This post made my day! I myself have been mulling over this problem for the last few days - RX100 with a matte box anyone? Didn't think so, haha.

  22. Wow! That's like a dream come true! Now if you could just manage to ship me one over to the UK in time for me going to the olympics in 8 days I'll be over the moon. One of the main reasons for buying the rx100 was to not have to lug a DLSR around all weekend. I just don't think I'll be able to get the quality on my new camera without an ND filter and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  23. peederj

    Very nice product idea, I assume it will be well-implemented.

    Of course, since the RX100 video is stuck on 60fps, you can't get a cinematic look (which is 24fps and blur of 1/50th shutter speed). You will mostly be filming at 1/125th on it, which at ISO100 in typical daylight generally works fine around f/5.6 or so (for this 1" size, 2.7x FOVCF sensor, right?). So you will need the ND for just the very shallow DOF video in daylight.

    For stills, the ND will be useful for the camera for lots of different applications, such as motion blurs etc. If I was getting this camera I would be interested in these filters certainly.

  24. HHL

    You are a BAAAAADDDDD MAN!!!!!! Freakin AWESOME!!!!! Time to take more of my money!!!!! 🙂

  25. Jerry also

    Very very long overdue! A circular polariser is a necessary key for entry to any outdoor high IQ zone. Until now it seemed yet one more (shallow dof was another) that pocket cams just couldn't provide.

  26. J Hanna

    Woooo! Super excited about that!
    Can't wait for you to release this. canon s100.
    Say when say when?!

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