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RX100 Sony Manual Video Controls

I just received the Sony RX100 in the mail. As far as compact pocketable cameras go, this is the one to get, especially with a sensor almost twice as large as it's competitors, and knowing it has full manual controls in video mode. Results on the web have already proved the camera's capabilities obtaining amazing quality in both still images and in video. While Amazon still has not received inventory, I just got notification that B&H should be shipping Sony RX100 orders today if you're interested in this amazing little camera. Check it out (click here).

Sony RX100 Camera
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23 thoughts on “Sony RX100 Shipping Today

  1. I ordered this camera today. If you find some quality replacement batteries, Emm. let us know! Someone explain to me why these suckers have to cost 50,- ...

  2. Jonas

    just like peederj, im also wondering why there isnt 24 or 25p in the 1080p resolution. I guess we wait for further tests. @emm - would love feedback on the result of the 25p setting (which is 12Mbs)

  3. peederj

    Sadly this camera only shoots video at 60fps. The nice thing is, unlike Canons at 60fps, this shoots at full 1080p. The miserable thing is, there is no 24p. Which is nuts...why can't the thing go *slower*?

    Anyway it looks like it would be a nice cheap option for low-grade low-speed slo-mo (as opposed to renting an FS700 which will give you 24p at 240fps for real slo slomo). It's a nice camera from the test results, but still, the IQ isn't touching the DSLRs yet in either stills or video. But it is pocketable and better than the iPhone 4S.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @jarrett towe - You forced me to spill some beans..Promises promises.. httpss://

  5. jarrett towe

    matthew carr, that sounds like a perfect project for kickstarter...

    i imagine an oversized fader nd, that slips onto the end of a p&s soom lens, and is held on by tensioned springs, or a ratchetable tightening mechanism, possibly. Heck, you could just loop rubber bands on to hold it. Goldmine in there for someone.

  6. Matthew Carr

    It seems like adding things to the Rx100 to make it function like a larger camera defeats its pocketability.

    That said, if there was a small variable ND that could fit in my other pocket and slip on and off the lens I wouldn't argue with it.

  7. jarrett towe

    @emm re: nd filter...promises, promises. I have a book trailer to shoot! You;re killin me 😉 cant wait.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Darren Evans - There is manual control over exposure with the RX100. The solution is to use an ND filter. It does not have an easy way to attach to the front of the lens, but in short time you'll see something on this blog.

  9. Hi Em, I've been playing with one of these for a week. Could you please give me some advise on which shutter speed to shoot with? At 25fps in the UK, the first rule I learnt from Phillip Bloom was to shoot at multiples of this - 1/50th of a second being best. I presume I could push this to 1/100th at 50fps. However, with no manual control ov exposure and no ND filter, I'm really struggling to be able to get any depth of field whatsoever in daylight without blowing out the whites or even a blue sky (on the rare occasion we had one!). Do you know of a solution?

  10. jarrett towe

    Panasonic could own the entire dslr videomaking market with a couple of small refinements to the gh2...most of which being related to interface and ergonomics. The new zacuto shootout shows us *AGAIN* that the GH2 already has video to rival the red/high end sony/high end panasonic (c300?) cameras.

    That being said, as long as sony keeps moving the bar i.e. hx9v to rx100, rx100 to camera x, it looks like this midrange of cameras is where the largest gains in image quality are going to be made.

    Canon rested on the successes of the 5d and 7d too long. Of the 4 most interesing cameras (to me) in the last two years, 3 were sonys, and one a panasonic...thats a pretty great change from a few years ago.

  11. @Minu

    Yup, it's pretty much what moebius22 said. Reid is very critical of the fact that after they had this industry-changing accidental hit on their hands with the mkII, Canon got all conservative and they tried to control the market with the c300 etc, while not updating their sensors in the t3i, 60D, etc, and finally giving us the mkIII, which at least for video, did not have a whole lot more to offer over the mkII. Not to mention that the GH2 for under $700 competes very well with the mkII. I'm a Canon shooter myself for stills, but for video, I've stocked up on GH1 and GH2s, because I could never afford to do multi-camera shoots, as I do know, had I gone Canon for video. I'm waiting for the GH3 to come out in a few months, so I can pick up a few more GH2s at clearance prices, which I expect will be $600 and below.

  12. moebius22

    He's down on the fact that Canon hasn't pushed the technology as much as they have since the Mark II.

  13. Minu

    One thing I don't understand about Andrew Reid is why he is so negative on Canon DSLRs. If they are as bad as they say, why have some feature films included 5D mk 2 footage?

  14. SP

    i've seen video clip of this amazing camera....too bad a bit too pricey, I would rather get a gh2... if only 200 cheaper price range i would grab it in a heart beat.

  15. Rabi

    I've never imaged myself GASing over a compact, but the sample images coming out of this camera are pretty crazy given its size. Given the experience I've had shooting video with the HX9V, I have to assume it won't disappoint on that front, either.

  16. Boy, you're as much of a cheerleader for this camera as Andrew Reid is for the GH2! How does its sensor size compare to that of the 5n?

  17. jarrett towe

    we need a full workout on this one! this is the one that some high school kid is going to win an oscar with.

    Im interested in seeing it on a smoothee, as well as how flat you can get it to shoot for grading. Also, how well you can make it work with external nd and cokin filter holder. hint.

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