First Digic 5 Canon SX40 Camera In Stock

Canon SX40 IS

Earlier I mentioned that Canon was releasing two new point and shoot cameras (Canon S100 and Canon SX40 IS) with the latest Digic 5 processor. This new processor is said to be 6x faster and have 75% less noise with enhanced imagery. That means cleaner images in low light situations. If you want a smaller more pocketable camera, wait on the S100. If you want something closer to DSLR-like, the first to hit 'in stock' status is the Canon SX40 IS which has 35x optical Zoom (35mm Equiv) means it goes from 24mm wide-angle and extends to 840mm. Tons of Canon's creative filters and Canon's latest Intelligent Image Stabilization, Full HD video, and an option for shooting video at 240fps (lower resolution good slow motion). There's just too many features to list here, you can check out more information following the link. Available now (click here).

Canon SX40IS
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6 thoughts on “First Digic 5 Canon SX40 Camera In Stock

  1. Tony Maceo

    Any shooter with the slightest professionalism will not worry about a mic input. Record audio externally... this camera has a hotshoe to boot. All I can think is this would make a great b-roll camera in a Canon multi-cam set-up. And the slow-mo feature would be nice for split-screen action commentary, for example.

  2. getem

    @Andrew you must not be a DSLR film maker.......

    Having a fixed lens that is not interchangeable is why ultimately this could not be the end all be all. Nothing like putting an old vintage prime on your camera and enjoying the beauty of it

  3. Matthew

    A camera this size (even with that range) without an interchangeable lens never made sense to me.

    I'm in the market for a compact. The S100 is nice, but $500. I don't like worrying about damaging an expensive carry around camera. So, I'm considering the tiny ELPH 300 HS for well under $200. But, the S95 is tempting at $350.

  4. andrew

    If this camera had a mic input, it would be the best DSLR option to date for strictly videography IMO.

    That zoom range is reminiscent of old school bad boy XL2.

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