Canon Powershot S100 – Available

With all the hype surrounding today's announcements in Hollywood, the availability of the Canon Powershot S100 was overshadowed. These cameras are wiped out of stock from B&H Photo very quickly, and there's one on Amazon going for a higher marked up price. Checking over on eBay there's a few more listings, also some marked up prices. There is of course one New York camera store offering it for the MSRP price tag, and is also throwing in a 20 piece kit of random goodies like SDHC cards, Card Readers, Camera strap, etc.

I'm already dead set on this camera since playing with the previous Canon S95 and have already placed my order (ready to replace my GF1). I anticipate this camera will be out of stock before the weekend, unless you're willing to pay above MSRP prices. Check out the seller (click here).

find-price-button Canon Powershot S100 Digic 5, F/2.0 5x Zoom 12.1.MP

[Update] That seller is sold out, but there's still a few at different prices following the link.

10 thoughts on “Canon Powershot S100 – Available

  1. Kevin

    The big deal with the Canon Powershot S100 is that its currently the best "pocketable" P&S out. IQ & specs are very good.

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  3. j hanna

    So I bought it. LOVE IT! got it at bestbuy.
    Video is great, the ND filter is amazing. When in video mode if you half press the shutter it shows you your stop/iso/shutter.
    my only question and I can't get a straight answer out of anyone. if you are in manual mode and set everything...then hit the video button...does it keep your settings?

  4. Gorm

    I still don't really see what all the hoo-hah is. It's $400,right? I sell footage for a living, and most places won't take footage from a compact cam. For just casual videoing, my old a590 is would do just fine. I'd only get excited if this could match the output of a lower end DSLR doing video. Otherwise, that $400 go towards a new lense for me.

  5. Sean

    What's the big deal? There are very few 1.7" size sensor cameras available these days. I have this one on my list for my wife who isn't happy with low light performance of he 2.5" sensor P&S, but not willing to carry MFT or APS-C size glass.

  6. Rich

    I walked into my local best buy (colma) today and they had 5 left. The Nikon 1 cameras are also in stock as well there.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Andy - The Sony does not shoot RAW photos for one. The Sony doesn't have an aperture of F/2.0 and Canon's new Digic 5 processor for lower noise in low light. The S100 also has more manual-like controls than Sony does. The Sony video is great, but not the best for photos. There's plenty this camera brings to the table. As soon as it comes in i'll own both the HX9V and the S100.

  8. Andy

    I second that - what's the big deal?

    Sony's DSC-HX9V is cheaper and shoots 1080P/60P and Canon's Powershot SX40 HS shoots useful stabilized telephoto shots.

    The Powershot S100 is "whatever."

  9. R. Gam

    Um, what's the big deal with this compact cam? It's not 4/3, it's not DSLR. Casual movie shooting can be done without almost any compact cam nowadays. If one is shooting microstock footage, I certainly wouldn't use anything smaller than an APS-C sensor. So what's the big deal with this cam here?

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