GAUI Quad Copter for GoPro

Summer is here, and the weather is looking good. Time to take to the air with a Quad copter. These little GAUI quad copters are creating quite a 'buzz' (pun intended). GAUI makes inexpensive quad rotor helicopters that can carry quite a bit of weight, which seems to be trending towards small cameras like the GoPro HD or Contour HD. Keep in mind that these Copters are not toys and are serious flying machines that you'll need to take great care and responsibility with (unless you're a seasoned RC flyer already).

3 AXIS Gimble Camera Mount Stabilizer

Tons of other companies are making some very cool aftermarket accessories. Looks like tons of fun. There's also several accessories for landing gears, camera mounts, pan / tilt setups, and 3 axis gimbals to help keep the camera's horizon level even though the copter might sway a bit. There's a whole slew of GAUI Copter related videos over at, and plenty of GAUI quad copters kits and accessories can be found for great prices via eBay.

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15 thoughts on “GAUI Quad Copter for GoPro

  1. Austin

    Been looking in to these quadcopters for video and the thing I worry about is this has no video feed back does it? The only one u know thy does is the AR Parrot drone but I head it's to shaky for decent video when you throw a gopro hd on it.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @kicap - It's bigger and heavier for sure. Won't be something you'll use in weather or mud, but great for clear days.

  3. Emm,

    How small the Sony HX9 compared to GoPro? I was really interested on this cam after your review on it but was not sure how is it compared GoPro as Sony Malaysia outlets still don't have it on their shelf.


  4. Emm

    Post author

    @kicap - I'm not a copter flyer, but you can mod it to fly a GH2 for sure. I think you need the stronger motors and batteries to do so. Otherwise it should fly a GoPro fairly easily. If I were to try it, I would use my HX9.

  5. Can anyone explain what (model?) do you use to control this?

    I found out someone uses "JR 9303" to control this.
    This is completly new for me, what should I look for when choosing a controler for a quadcopter? I would love to have this toy, and I think I could make use of it If I can learn to fly it 🙂

  6. Jackson

    Would this work with a GF2? That could be cool. I wonder if it'd cut together with a Canon dslr.

  7. Jeromie Whalen

    Wow this is crazy, my boss and I were literally JUST talking about heli solutions yesterday for our station. This is awesome!

  8. mike

    Looks super cool! The link is a little confusing with all the accessories and all. Where is the actual helicopter with the attachment for the a gopro? Just the helicopter with a gopro attachment without all the other accessories.

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