Zacuto EVF – Electronic View Finder


While we wait for other EVF solutions (RedRock where you at?), the Zacuto Z-EVF seems to be the hippest one available. Unfortunately, it's usually out of stock. If you've been on the hunt, the Z-EVF has shown up from a retailer out of new york, who has different models listed on both eBay and Amazon found below. They are also $50 dollars cheaper than from the Zacuto website. The difference in prices are relevant to the View Finder that is included. One is the more expensive Pro viewfinder.

Zacuto EVF
Zacuto Z-Finder - eBay

Zacuto EVF Viewfinder - Amazon

2 thoughts on “Zacuto EVF – Electronic View Finder

  1. Just got mine not terribly long ago and it's amazing. It fixes quite a bit of problems I was having.

    Really couldn't be happier Zacuto makes a very good product it's the first Zacuto product I've owned (purchased a Z-Finder Pro with it still they arrived at the same time still the first product I've used of theirs :P)and there is a difference between them and knockoffs. Very happy!

  2. last_SHIFT

    3 left - I just ordered one. Thanks for the tip. I was debating on what to get...EVF or 5" monitor - but finally came down to size - I'm running a GH2 and want to keep everything as compact as possible.

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