DIY Camera Ladder Dolly

If you have the means, the space, and the transportation, ladder track dollies are a great solution for camera movement. Rod shows how he's picked up a set of ready-made 'bolt on' dolly wheels to a simple plywood board to create an 8ft dolly capable of carrying a good amount of weight. In smaller more confined situations a slider is a must, but there's plenty of benefits to using a wider platform for stability in your shots.

find-price-button717A Fluid Head Used on Dolly

These dolly wheels are designed to run on pipes as well, but when possible using a Ladder will provide a very firm solution that can be laid out in just about any type of terrain (gravel, grass, mud) and still maintain a super rigid track - unlike long PVC pipes. In this older article you can see how a ladder was used for a DIY Timelapse rig:

If you're intersted in building your own dolly system, you could try some angle iron and at least 8 skate wheels + bearings, but if you're slightly off in drilling it's going to cause you quite a bit of wobble. To make things easier, these wheels that Rod is using are an inexpensive solution.

Dolly Wheel Assembly
find-price-button Bolt On Dolly Track Wheel Assembly

12 thoughts on “DIY Camera Ladder Dolly

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - Not to steal any thunder, but ladder dollies have existed for quite some time. There's another video here you might be interested in httpss://

    The Hague video on that page is over 3 years old. Of course Rod has a nice cheap solution to DIY'ing your own.

  3. This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. That's what tracks are essentially a ladder! It took this guy to look at dolly tracks and think "dolly tracks, ladder, look aliiiike". Kessler essentially did the same thing, when he put his Kessler crane on the side (which is a jib with two parallel arms) and put a slider on it.

  4. @Anthony, yes flying off the track is a concern. Have to be careful and put in some stoppers! Thanks for watching.

  5. anthony

    this is nice. i kept wondering if he was going to go to far and the whole thing was going to roll of the ladder. very cool and DIYable.

  6. Thanks for posting Emm. I hope it is helpful to folks!

    @seenematic, I really debated on going with the double wheel assembly, but in the end to save weight and some cash, I took a shot with the singles. I haven't regretted the choice, yet. 🙂

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