Smaller ILC Cameras – GF3 NEX-C3

Is smaller really better? That seems to be the trend lately for many camera manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic. Recently Sony announced the NEX-C3, what they called the 'smallest interchangeable lens camera'. Before it was even availble, Panasonic didn't wait too long to steal that thunder. The new Panasonic GF3 (I just bought the GF2 - wth?) comes in just a tad smaller and takes away Sony's short lived title.

As for smaller Interchangeable Lens cameras go, my bet is the GF3 will be the better performer on the market with it's already huge following in the Micro Four Thirds world. There also seems to be more support and compatibility for adapting any type of lens. Right now, i'm having fun with the GF2, and it's been a blast using those inexpensive C-mount lenses. So if you're current DSLR is weighing you down on vacation, these are the new smaller models that are both available for Pre-order via Amazon.

Panasonic GF3
Panasonic Lumix GF3 Compact ILC

Sony NEX-C3
Sony Alpha NEX-C3

5 thoughts on “Smaller ILC Cameras – GF3 NEX-C3

  1. DSLR's weigher me down?

    Oh, I'm an old fart as I used to shoot electronic motion pictures with a 15lbs. tube camera and a shoulder strapped record deck...with about 1/10th the resolution as these modern digital cameras.


    Get off my lawn you kids!

  2. Eagerly awaiting. I have to tell you, I feel your site embodies the spirit of the DSLR revolution. I've seen some other well-known "testers," always push expensive rigs and exotic lenses that are beyond the reach of most of us. But the DSLR revolution is about getting results with affordable lenses and accessories, not Zeiss lenses which you have to sell a kidney to afford.

  3. "Inexpensive C-mount lenses," meaning the CCTV lenses from China? What results are you getting with these? I opted to get used FD glass for my GH1, as I'm still waiting for the adapter to arrive.

  4. J Toha

    And it's been less than 9 months since GF2 was introduced...
    Don't buy it guys! Wait for GF4 this holiday season.

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