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contour HD video camera
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There's no doubt Contour HD Video Cameras and the GoPro HD Video Cameras are head to head competition in the same action sports market. There's quite a few video comparisons with side by side footage you can catch online, and obviously pros and cons with each. Regardless of your choice, the Contour HD Video camera is Amazon's Deal of the Day giving Contour a slight edge in price (available in Prime shipping too). At least just for today...

7 thoughts on “Deal of the Day – Amazon

  1. I was so surprised to find the update actually. I really thought this video camera wouldn’t be sooner than July, but they did it in early June!

  2. I have yet to use my contour HD and have had it for over a year, Tested it out for 5 minutes when it arrived but then reading how you have to connect it via usb in order to change any settings such as frame rate 1080 or 720 brightness and so forth is not even worth it...

    I was going to return it and forgot so there goes my $300 at the time, and yes they do sell under water cases for it.

  3. Austin

    3D isnt a big deal to me but I love gopros surft mounts and stuff like that I would use. Sadly im broke so I'll have to pass.

  4. Jason

    booo! traitor.

    Contour doesn't have the accessory ecosytem that gopro does..Nor the ability to do 3D..and they have a roadmap of new products in the pipeline for the next 24 months..

    Also, Disney just invested a crap ton of cash into GoPro.

    Can you tell Im a gopro fanboy?

  5. Luke

    Don't wait too long Austin, it ends today. I have a go pro hd and i'm very unhappy with the video quality.

    I'm using the wrong words but, to describe it my go pro looks grainy and and noisy. The depth of field is terrible also. Within a few feet sharp, but anything past -5-7 feet looks out of focus, but since it is a fixed lens there isn't much I can do about it'.

    I did send notice to go pro and I will return my camera to them to see if my camera is just defective. I bought it new at 2 months ago.

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