Canon Powershot S100 and SX40IS

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Canon just recently announced the upgrade to the popular Canon S95 and SX30IS, replacing them with the new Canon S100 and Canon SX40IS. These are two very popular cameras with features like full manual controls, 1080HD Video, Shoot in RAW, and can zoom from 24mm-840mm (35x). There's already an Amazon page dedicated to each camera with a full breakdown of features including information about the new CMOS and Digic 5 image processor.

The Digic 5 processor is said to be 6x times faster with 75% less noise than the Digic 4. The ability to auto white balance has also been greatly improved. Umm hold on, was that 75% less noise? Those numbers are a major improvement. Think of this as a sneak peek to what we'll be seeing in future DSLRs. Definitely worth the read - found below.

Canon S100
find-price-button Canon PowerShot S100 12.1 MP Digic 5 Processor

Canon SX40IS
find-price-button Canon SX40IS 35x IS Zoom Digic 5 Processor

11 thoughts on “Canon Powershot S100 and SX40IS

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  2. Tony Maceo

    1080p is about 6 times the resolution of dvd resolution and since Canon is claiming the new DIGIC 5 is six times as powerful as its predecessor I think 1080/120p is possible on an APS-C sensor. Since manufacturers like to use theoretical numbers, I wish for a more doable 720/120p. If Panasonic can put triple processors in its Venus FHD engine stuffed into lowly point-n-shoots, surely Emm imagining triple DIGIC 5 is not fanciful. I truly believe Canon 2012 dSLRs will need to really emerge as hybrid camera leaders in the field. Time (November?) will tell.

  3. Tony Maceo

    If these can do 640x480 @120fps. Just imagine what dual-DIGIC 5 processors can do in a dSLR. 720P @120fps here we come! (fingers crossed)

  4. Darius

    What is the deal with 240fps super slo-mo? That can't be real.

    These are some seriously cool cams...

    November couldn't get here soon enough!

  5. Rabi

    The product description for the S100 touts multi-area auto white balance. If that actually works, it seems like it would be huge.

  6. A “conventional image processor” giving those awful results? Come on! Must be one of their earlier versions, because I haven’t seen any good camera giving such a result, even the awful and old Nikon D2 (yay for FAT16 filesystem).

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