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Canon just recently announced the upgrade to the popular Canon S95 and SX30IS, replacing them with the new Canon S100 and Canon SX40IS. These are two very popular cameras with features like full manual controls, 1080HD Video, Shoot in RAW, and can zoom from 24mm-840mm (35x). There's already an Amazon page dedicated to each camera with a full breakdown of features including information about the new CMOS and Digic 5 image processor.

The Digic 5 processor is said to be 6x times faster with 75% less noise than the Digic 4. The ability to auto white balance has also been greatly improved. Umm hold on, was that 75% less noise? Those numbers are a major improvement. Think of this as a sneak peek to what we'll be seeing in future DSLRs. Definitely worth the read - found below.

Canon S100
find-price-button Canon PowerShot S100 12.1 MP Digic 5 Processor

Canon SX40IS
find-price-button Canon SX40IS 35x IS Zoom Digic 5 Processor

Earlier I posted some big savings that SanDisk was offering of it's Compact Flash media and SDHC cards. You can find that article here: Lexar is now offering a Buy Two and save type deal on many of their media cards, so if Transcend wasn't good enough, Sandisk doesn't meet your needs, then Lexar might be up your alley. Found below.

find-price-button Lexar Buy Two Deal


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find-price-button Hand Held Pistol Grip Mini Camera Tripod

For point and shoot cameras like the S95, G12, P700, maybe Flip HD's, or even small GoPro HD cameras. Here's an interesting Pistol Grip + Tripod handle, but not sure if it's DSLR worthy to handle the weight...



Slowly the new Canon SX30 IS camera with 35x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilization is hitting the streets. I've been waiting to upgrade my Canon SX210 IS after seeing the incredible Zoom capabilities with Image Stabilization from the video in this article: Still not available in many websites, but smaller camera retailers that are using eBay are advertising inventory. They are putting a small markup over the suggested retail price, but at least some auctions will throw in a 4GB SDHC card. If you gotta have one now, check it out: Canon SX30 IS Digital Camera with 35x Zoom



My Canon 60D has finally arrived. Well let me prepare you now that there will be lots of Canon 60D talk on this blog for the next week. The Canon 5DM2 is just way too different, and Canon has designed this 60D to sit right in the middle of the T2i and 7D. So i'm going to do what I can to show the differences between those two cameras. Everyone has been talking about the disappointment in the specs of the Canon 60D and video quality shouldn't be anything mind blowing. The thing that will change buying decisions from a T2i would be the additional features, controls, and the build of the camera. Somehow i'm still more excited about getting a hold of the awesome zoom power of the Canon SX30 IS which is not yet available. Or even testing out the new G12. I'll be upgrading myCanon SX210 IS point and shoot, so that may be up for sale soon enough.


Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC Kit - Amazon

I'm in search to fill the card slots in the Canon 60D on order. For those who swear by the affordable Transcend SDHC cards, i'm surprised that SDHC cards have really dropped in price. Considering every new camera announced is practically using this format, and Nikon's new D7000 has dual slots, there would be some demand inflating prices. I've been looking at other options, but wow the Sandisk brand is going for more than twice the price!

I have to admit that i'm sold on those Transcend 32GB Compact flash cards I received. They are now standard issue in my cameras and have had absolutely no issues offering fast dump times through my Belkin card reader. So I think i'll take my chances. Available at BHPHOTOVideo and Amazon, these Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC Cards should be a hot seller after Photokina. I think i'll try these for the new Canon 60D I have on order.

If you're not feeling the Card Reader kit, you can save a few more dollars for just the card itself over at


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Here's another interesting comparison between Nikon's new rival to Canon's G series camera. Nikon wasn't a big player in this sub DSLR space before the recent announcement of the Nikon CoolPix P7000, but check out what they had to bring to the plate against the new Canon G12. Both cameras have DSLR like functionality with manual control of shutter and aperture and come in with 10 megapixels. Estimated price around $500 dollars, these two cameras are HD video capable at 720p @ 24fps (interesting they would use only 24fps). 30fps can be achieved when shooting at 640 x 480, but you know what they say. Once you go HD you never go back. Ok maybe i'm the only one who says it, let's move on.

Canon's G12 can do an ISO of 3200 while Nikon can move up to ISO 6400. (It might be a terrible 6400 so i'm not looking into that feature so much). The Nikon P7000 zoom is rated at 28-200mm while Canon's G12 sits at 28-140mm. Canon's G12 LCD is a tad smaller at 2.8" than the Nikon P7000's 3" and the G12 LCD also has a lower resolution. C'mon Canon get in the game here. Ok here you go - Canon does have the upper hand in maximum shutter speed set to 1/4000ths while Nikon maxes out at 1/2000ths. Canon is also throwing in their new found love for Vari-Angle LCD that seems to be appearing on all their new gear including the Canon SX30 IS and Canon 60D. Feature wise, Nikon is definitely hitting hard this year and I expect them to gain some fair market share in at least entry level DSLR's and sub DSLR's. They are finally bringing down their prices to compete with Canon's new lineup. Everyone is still waiting for each brand to pull the big rabbit out of the hat at Photokina in a few weeks, shortly afterward we'll start seeing some real live comparisons.

Canon Powershot G12 Digital Camera Pricing

Nikon CoolPix P7000 Digital Camera Pricing