PNS Pistol Grip + Tripod

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find-price-button Hand Held Pistol Grip Mini Camera Tripod

For point and shoot cameras like the S95, G12, P700, maybe Flip HD's, or even small GoPro HD cameras. Here's an interesting Pistol Grip + Tripod handle, but not sure if it's DSLR worthy to handle the weight...

8 thoughts on “PNS Pistol Grip + Tripod

  1. Sean

    Excellent design. But too Built too liteweight to trust it for holding my t2i.
    They should make a sturdier version.

  2. ajmalzx

    I've been using this for months now as a small tripod for my Nex 5. For less than $10, i cant really complaint on cheap plasticy feel.

  3. Jarrett

    The pistol grip wording in the title reminds me of a film riot episode where they attached an actual ar-15 rifle stock to a dslr camera. This type of stock is cheap, and expectedly durable, as well as being usually foldable or expanding by sliding out to give a shorter or longer length. Usually under $50. Wish we could see an enterprising person rig up a convenient adapter for that!

  4. Jason

    wow sick..I've been using a L bracket for my gopro pistol grip with the tripod mount. Works awesome. this looks even awesome'er

  5. I have one that looks exactly like this by Vivitar. The plate with the 1/4" wiggles. I never use it.

    I can't speak for this model but the design is the same. Hopefully this version has fixed the problem. Does yours have some wiggle Stephen?

  6. Serge

    I have broken so many of these its not even funny, the palm skin pinching and cutting from the 2 smaller legs is not even worth mentioning so I myself have left that secret in the dark...

  7. stephen

    dang! someone else found this thing 😉
    i've been using it for years. for sure will NOT hold a 5D, but great for anything lighter. i use it as a little tripod for a H1, micro light etc.

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