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There are times when you need to send video back to a monitor or switch, but because most DSLR and Mirrorless cameras only offer HDMI out, you are limited to how far you can position the camera. To exceed the limits of HDMI, this HDMI to SDI Converter will allow you to use SDI cables for longer distances.

Wireless kits with HDMI input, like the Radian Pro Kit from Camera Motion Research allow a camera operator to move freely, but they will still have limitations and can be prone to drop outs if the feed has to be sent through walls, the receiver is too far, or if there is interference. Running an SDI cable with the Wireless HDMI Receiver attached at the end can help you minimize the distance your between your wireless system while still having the entire camera system over 100 feet away.

Radian Pro Wireless Camera Motion Research
find-price-button Radian Pro Wireless HD Video System with HDMI

So if you're looking for a way to get your cameras moved further from where you need to send your feed, these HDMI to SDI (not SDI to HDMI) converters are probably the cheapest you can find. It does require power, or in my case, i'm using an adjustable voltage Tekkeon battery pack. I've also tested this converter with a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, and it works if you're looking to send a long video feed from that camera. Check it out via Amazon (click here).

Cheap Budget HDMI to SDI Converter GH3
find-price-button HDMI to SDI Converter Supports 720P/1080P

100 foot ft BJG SDI Cable
find-price-button 100 foot Black BJC 3G HD SDI cable, BNC to BNC

Other Products You May Be Interested In
If you need a cheap SDI to HDMI converter, like when adding an inexpensive EVF to a BlackMagic Cinema Camera, here's the one shown in the video.

Cheap SDI to HDMI Converter
find-price-button USB Powered SDI to HDMI Converter

If you can afford to spend more on a product that converts an HDMI signal to SDI, can be powered for 11+ hours through a Sony NP-series battery, and also adds conversion, check out the more expensive Atomos H2S Converter (here).

find-price-button Atomos H2S or S2H Connect Converter


Here's a look at how the new Cineroid Retina Display EVF4RVW looks mounted up to a BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera. It's expensive no doubt, but I decided to pick up this EVF and replace the SmallHD DP4 EVF and Zacuto EVF. The Cineroid has a better display using the same Retina tech as the iPhone, Waveform and Vectorscope Displays, and most important a direct 3G/HD/SD-SDI (BNC) + HDMI input (and pass through) to support the BMCC. On this particular EVF i'm also using the Red Fleece Oval Large Eye Cushion.

BlueStar Eye Cushion Cineroid EVF
find-price-button Blue Star Eye Cushion for LCD View Finders

I didn't want to dive into the features on my own video, since there was one already available that shows off some of what this EVF is capable of and how it can help you when shooting video on just about any camera from the BMCC to smaller GH3 or Canon DSLRs. Even if you are not interested in EVFs, the video below is a good explanation of monitor features in general to help you understand what Zebra, False Color, Peaking, Waveform and Vectorscope displays are used for and why some monitors will cost more than others.

This will not replace my larger monitors in every situation, but it will replace other small EVFs i'm currently using. It is very helpful to use an EVF with the BMCC, but even more useful when shooting with DSLRs because you have to try to nail your color and exposure as best as possible. Compressed footage will not have the same latitude to adjust later in post processing.

Even though I went 'balls out' on the most expensive Retina Display version, Cineroid also makes EVFs that are less than half the price I paid. You can get more information other Cineroid products available at B&H following the link (click here).

894123Cineroid EVF HDMICineroid Retina EVF
find-price-button Cineroid Retina Display EVF with HDMI HD-SDI Loop Through

For reference i've mounted the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera into a O-Ring Rig Kit. It's originally designed for DSLR cameras, but it works well to add a top handle,, 15mm rails, and several new mounting points for accessories. You can find that rig via eBay (Click Here).

O-ring Kit DSLR RigO-Rig Kit DSLR Video 15m
find-price-button DSLR O-Ring Rig Kit Handle Support 15mm Rails


Lilliput 9.7 inch LCD HDMI Monitor
Lilliput 9.7" LCD HDMI Monitor

While there's an obsession for smaller and smaller high resolution HDMI LCD Monitors, Lilliput's latest release is a huge 9.7" IPS LCD Field Monitor. That's about as large as an iPad screen. Besides having all the standard software features you'd expect like Peaking Filter, False Color, Exposure Zebras, and a Histrogram, this new 9.7" LCD stands as their first Professional Field Monitor and current Flagship Product with a variety of inputs including (2) HDMI Inputs and (1) HDMI Output.

Lilliput Monitor 9.7" Field HDMI
HDMI LCD Monitor 9.7" Lilliput Field

Can be powered through popular Sony batteries, or through Canon LP-E6 with a battery plate adapter. Folding sunshade, simple Analog Dials for adjustments, and Gimbal Yoke for easy re-positioning. I really like where this is going, as I can see myself using a larger monitor on many occasions. You can find more photos, details, and specs from the new Flagship Lilliput Field Monitor over at eBay (Click Here).

Lilliput LCD HDMI 9.7" DSLR Video MonitorLilliput 9.7" HDMI LCD Monitor
find-price-button Lilliput 9.7" IPS LCD Professional Field Monitor


Some Directors may want to look over your shoulder to see what you're shooting, so by streaming a video feed over, they can stand aside while you shoot. This is a test of an 8" monitor that has built in wireless, powered by a Canon LP-E6 battery, and a remote is mounted to the camera. It also has an HDMI input for non-wireless. That's all I can say for now.

Ok, someone nailed it. It's an 8" HDMI LCD monitor, but has built in wireless and comes with an SD Video transmitter. Normally around $500 bucks, there could be a few dozen available (soon) for around $200-250 which is why I was testing it out to see if it could be useful in some ways. It doesn't appear pixelated even when using the 5D Mark III SD out port. I could see this being used to send video out to someone who needs to see it. What do you guys think, at a lower price is this something useful? Find more information about it below (click here).

find-price-button 8" LCD with HDMI - SD Wireless LCD Monitor


Lilliput 569H 569GL

Thanks to Ruben for this new piece of information. Looks like Lilliput wants to play in the 5" HDMI LCD market. With cameras looking to compete in the 'smaller' form factor, i'm sure we'll be seeing more and more in the 5" range. I guess a 7" LCD monitor might look a bit crazy on the new Sony NEX or Panasonic GF3's coming around the corner.

Lilliput 5" LCD

The new Lilliput 5" monitor(s) go by 569H or 569GL and are compatible with the typical Sony / Panasonic batteries. It can be powered via external DC, 1/4x20 threaded inserts on both sides and bottom, come with a sunshade, Hotshoe Mount Ball, a resolution of 800x480, headphone monitoring out, and also have HDMI input (optional HDMI output / pass through). This is a new series of monitors not yet released and pre-orders are listed below.

Screen shot 2011-06-07 at 7.56.16 AM
find-price-button Lilliput 5" LCD HMDI Monitor 569GL

Of course if shaving off 2" isn't an important thing for you, there doesn't seem to be much difference in features over the very similar 7" versions (which are cheaper). The 7" version doesn't have the Sony/Panasonic battery adapters, but outside of that they might be similar. You might want to give those a peek as a refresher: http://cheesycam.com/7-hdmi-lcd-w-internal-battery/. [Thanks Ruben]


The SmallHD DP6 is a serious monitor with some seriously cool features. The price tag may not hit home for the starting shooter, but if you're shopping for a monitor around the 5" mark, the SmallHD puts most others to shame. We're not talking your average 800x480 resolution (yes check those LCD specs carefully), we're talking about a true HD display at 1280x800. The housing is milled aluminum, much like how a MacBook pro is built. It's solid, but at the same time lightweight. Especially if you're shooting with Canon, the DP6 monitor has special features designed to scale video signals for Canon DSLRs which don't usually output in Full HD.


Don't be afraid to step into something that could get outdated quickly. SmallHD has put some forward thinking into their products with a USB port and 2GB thumb drive to make sure you can download and install any new firmware updates. Two features you won't find in cheaper monitors include False Color to help you check for clipping blacks or blown highlights, Peaking to help you ensure things are in focus. If you rely heavily on external monitoring from your video camera, you'll need something better than good, and the SmallHD is a great solid product. SmallHD will also be releasing a new DP4 - 4" LCD specifically designed to be used with a ViewFinder Loupe entering the EVF market. More about SmallHD products can be found at https://smallhd.com


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Thanks to Joseph over at ShadowMindProductions.com for the tip on this $6 dollar HDMI splitter. Joseph mentions there's no video lag between monitors during his tests. Now you'll be able to use an external monitor for camera operator, and if you want, a larger one for the the director. I'm sure these are going to come in especially handy once those EVF - electronic view finders become the norm. This way you'll be able to frame and compose, while the EVF might help you focus a bit better. Here's the link: HDMI Male To 2 HDMI Female Splitter Adapter Cable


Wow I can't believe I ordered this thing and it came in soooo fast. Great quality too for such a cheap price. I've been wanting a very portable external LCD monitor that supports HDMI input (from my DSLR cameras) for a loooooong time. Prices for Ikan or Marshall LCD's typically float from $800 - $1500 dollars! When I saw this 7" HDMI LCD for around $200 dollars, I knew it was love at 'first price'. I poked around the web and surely it had great reviews with the video DSLR's, so I jumped on the deal. >>Check out the Lilliput 7" HDMI LCD Here!!<<

Updated Article: http://cheesycam.com/new-7-lilliput-2010-battery-shoe-mount/

This 7" LCD requires an external power source. It comes with a Cigarette Lighter adapter for the car and an AC adapter to plug into a wall. Luckily with all my gadgets, I had a "Black and Decker Power To Go" laying around. I plugged the LCD in using the AC Adapter, and wow this thing rocks. I saved some money big time using this rechargeable battery pack!! I think i'm going to buy more of these "Black and Decker Power To Go" battery packs.

Now I got a great deal because it came from Hong Kong. Shipping can take several weeks. I've had excellent results ordering many of my camera equipment from overseas. If you're skeptical, here is the exact seller that I purchased mine from (fast shipping too!!).