Testing Streaming Video to Wireless Monitor

Some Directors may want to look over your shoulder to see what you're shooting, so by streaming a video feed over, they can stand aside while you shoot. This is a test of an 8" monitor that has built in wireless, powered by a Canon LP-E6 battery, and a remote is mounted to the camera. It also has an HDMI input for non-wireless. That's all I can say for now.

Ok, someone nailed it. It's an 8" HDMI LCD monitor, but has built in wireless and comes with an SD Video transmitter. Normally around $500 bucks, there could be a few dozen available (soon) for around $200-250 which is why I was testing it out to see if it could be useful in some ways. It doesn't appear pixelated even when using the 5D Mark III SD out port. I could see this being used to send video out to someone who needs to see it. What do you guys think, at a lower price is this something useful? Find more information about it below (click here).

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Don - Good find i'm familiar with the CamRanger, just not happy with the laggy video stream. Good for photos, might not be good enough for what I need wireless video for (pulling focus). The Bescor is a nice strong head, but from I remember it's pretty loud so you have to pick your situations on when it can be best used. I like the TimeLapse integration though, that's nice.

  2. Don

    I know this is an old post, but here is a very cool heads up. I think I've found something even better and cheaper than the wireless monitor you looked at here.

    I just bought a "CamRanger" wireless unit(camranger.com) that allows you to get live camera feed on your Ipad or Android tablet (or smartphone). In addition to the live feed, it has some nifty features like focus control, focus stacking, and quite a few other bells and whistles. I am using it with my new Canon 70D, but it works with most of the later Canons as well as Nikons.

    In my case, I have a retina Ipad which I carry with me anyway. I was going to get a corded field monitor, but even if you spend some bucks, you won't get ipad resolution, or wireless. So for $300 (the price of the Camranger), I now have a very nice field monitor that is also wireless, and has some other handy features on top of that.

    They also just started taking orders for a companion device that allows you to wirelessly control a Bescor Pan and Tilt Head. I already have a Bescor head with a wired controller, so to now be able to control it wirelessly with live view...this is sweet. If you aren't familiar with the Bescor head, it's an economy unit but it works pretty well, and yes it will support a dslr with a fairly heavy lens.

    Emm you should get your hands on these two gadgets (and a Bescor head if you haven't tried one) and do a review. CamRanger seems to be mainly marketing to the still photo crowd. I think they are missing the boat though, because this is excellent for video shooters.

    Also, here is one other unrelated but very nifty piece of gear you should check out:


    You can use this to view or dump SD cards wirelessly in the field, without a PC, using just your smart phone or tablet to control it (for under $50). It's battery powered, SMALL, and has its own wireless network, so you don't need to hop onto anyone's WIFI. I dump SD cards to cheap thumb drives using this, but you can also connect it to larger USB hard drives (assuming adequate power or battery for the drive). I love this thing!

  3. Danny Franklin

    @Emm or anyone who owns this monitor -

    I own a 60d. If use this for video, does it have an option to fill the screen. As you know, unlike the 7d, the 60d (and 5DMII) downgrades viewing to 480, so I'd like to know if it's an option to utilize the whole screen, albeit reduced image quality.

  4. TheShooter

    Looks great! When these cheaper units are available please put me down for one and contact me 🙂

  5. Harold

    I just bought this on ebay based upon reading rigjob's blog post from above about the Actiontec My Wireless setup that he did. I paid $70 for a used unit. There's one other used unit still available for $85:

    Anyway, Emm, I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that I can sorta do what he did but in my case power the transmitter and reciever, which apparently are very very light at 6oz. according to rigjob, by using one of these batteries I have from way back from your recommend as it has that 5v USB also.
    Do you know if I can us the USB 5v power on that battery at the same time using the 12v? So, here's hoping it all works with my 7" Lilliput monitor. Wish me luck.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @pops - Here's my test several months ago. This is a good solution, but more expensive overall httpss://cheesycam.com/diy-wireless-hd-stream-wireless-follow-focus-steadicam/

  7. pops

    @Emm - I'm sure you've already seen this.


    But... I'm going to give the above a try with my GH2's since I have a DP4 (passthrough) and DP6. With that said, for 200-250 I think you may be on to the better alternative. I'm really interested in using one of these two alternatives this for my 12ft jib. I hate messing with all the cabling.

    The biggest limitation when using HDMI out on the GH2 is you can't use TC mode (double focal length). Other than that... awesome.

  8. The video did not show a very important test.
    The video should have shown how much delay there is when
    panning or tilting the camera. The video should of had a shot of the camera next to the monitor to see the delay.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Ram - Interesting note on the GH2. I'll have to try that. There are plenty of GH2 shooters out there.

  10. This could be a nice solution out the box for a GH2 since the lcd and viewfinder still work when connected to an external monitor. Nice find, At $200-$250 thats a steal. What's the range like on it? And is it line of site only?

  11. I wonder if the losing the signal to the LCD while plugged in issue could be solved with some tweaking and collaborating with the guys who run the Magic Lantern project, this sounds like something they'd def. be able to control using their vast knowledge in canon's DSLR systems

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @antmansandersan - It is not HDMI. It's only SD with no lag that I can see. I'm trying to figure out how to split the signal because the cam operator will lose the LCD display if anything is plugged in.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris Bernard - Oops sorry, the 5D Mark III doesn't drop to 480 on HDMI, but we are streaming from the AV port which is only Standard Def.

  14. Emm, I thought the Mark III put out an HD signal during record--like the 7D. I know it's not a clean HDMI likevthe D800 but it drops to SD just like the Mark II? Disappointing.

  15. antmansandersan

    Hey Emm, is there any lag like the teredek cube???? If not, then this just might be a winner.
    My workflow with the cube is: camera-EVF-cube-ipads.
    Is the wireless transmitter HDMI?? I wasn't able to read any specific specs.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Richard Bingham - It doesn't work on the Canon to run both video feeds out. I'm going to see if I can find something like this to connect to my SmallHD DP6 so I can send video out from the HDMI pass through to the SD transmitter. Mini HDMI to Composite Converter

  17. v

    does it squeeze the image to 4:3 or pillar box it??? Is there anyway to use a small hd dp6 with sdi loop thru and hdmi input with it?? It is worth a couple of hundred if there is a way cam operator and wireless can view it.

  18. Andrew Hart

    This and a wireless follow focus to pull focus remotely so steadycam operator can concentrate on the movements and framing.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Mike C - Good call. LOL. It's streaming in standard def, but that's typical even for the 5D Mark III to output during recording. The problem is that the cam operator will lose his LCD view, so we're working on splitting the output before sending wirelessly. I have some information that a few dozen of these monitors will be liquidated around $200-$250 which is why I was testing it out today to see if it's usable for anything. I hooked it up to my GoPro cameras, and it does awesome for that if you have to mount the camera outside of a car. Still drumming up ideas...

    Not as nice, but much cheaper solution than going the ASUS WiCast route which still needs another HDMI monitor with a pass through.

  20. You little tease you!!! I'm so jealous. I hate my latest director and would love nothing more than to sit her in a corner!

  21. Mike C

    I don't know much 'bout 'nuthin, but will the wireless transmitting adversely affect any sort of wireless audio transmission in any way, or is on some unrelated frequency?

  22. Luke


    What is the resolution of the screen?

    How much?

    Or does your NDA, doesn 't allow you to say?

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