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If you're looking to add a Director's monitor feed to your workflow, Camera Motion Research is offering a nice sale on their complete RTR Wireless Director's Monitor Bundle. This CMR Bundle includes a 7" MustHD LCD Monitor, Monitor yoke, RM12 Wireless Video Set with 2 receivers, and the Backbones for the Radian Wireless HD Video Transmitters and Receivers. With this kit, you'll be able to stream the video feed from your camera's HDMI output to a remote LCD Monitor up to 300ft (LOS) away.

Having a director's monitor available on set is one of the best tools to have when working with anyone that needs to view the videos being shot from your camera so that they can offer creative input, or at times this tool is used for someone pulling focus remotely (especially when your camera is mounted to a gimbal). You can also use this when mounting your camera at the end of a long JIB / Crane, or when you have a remote camera that needs to stream video back to a Live Switch. Tons of useful reasons to have a Wireless Video Streaming kit on hand.

For more information about this current sale on the Camera Motion Research Wireless Director's Monitor Bundle (click here).
Learn-More-sm CMR Wireless Director's Monitor Bundle


12.10.2014 Bundle available from Camera Motion Research

Wireless Director’s Monitor Super Bundle Sale Everything you need for a wireless director’s monitor at a fantastic price is included in the RB10 bundle. Regular price (not including bonus parts) is $1554.  Price after $200 discount is $1354.

find-price-button Wireless Director’s Monitor Super Bundle Sale

RB10 Monitor Bundle Includes:

  • RP10 Radian Pro set
  • CL10 TX and RX Backbones
  • BA56 USB TX battery
  • BA84 USB RX battery
  • CH10 USB battery charger
  • M701H 7” IPS monitor, select F970 or LP-E6 battery plate (battery not included)
  • MY10 Monitor Yoke
  • Bonus parts:  Monitor case and monitor yoke lightstand adaptor

If you use Anton or V-mount batteries and want the convenience of using one battery to power both the M701H monitor and the Radian receiver, we have the package for you.  This package is the same as the RB10 bundle, but includes our DT10 D-tap converter, and you can select either an Anton or V-mount battery plate for the monitor.  The additional cost for your choice of Anton or V-mount battery plate plus the D-tap converter is $95.  We get about 11 hours of run time powering both the M701H and Radian receiver with a 97 WHr battery.  (Battery shown in picture is not included)

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The other day I showed how you can use an Android Tablet to wirelessly connect, control, and display a Live View video feed from a Panasonic GH4. If you didn't catch that video, it's a very cool feature to have when shooting with the GH4 (found here).

Panasonic GH4 Wireless Remote App
Wireless Control and Live View for Panasonic GH4

If you're shopping for a tablet with an excellent display, plenty of horsepower, and most importantly connects to the Play Store to download the proper Panasonic Image App, there's a deal on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" version (refurbished) for just $119 (found here).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Android GH4 Wireless remote
find-price-button Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" Android

I find the 7" size is manageable without being oversized. If you're looking for a simple way to attach a tablet over your camera, i've been using this universal Square JellyFish clamp. Folds up small, very good build quality, and perfect for tablets 7" or under . It offers a tripod mount, and can be used Horizontally or Vertically (found here).

Square Jellyfish Tablet ClampTablet Clamp WiFi App GH4
find-price-button 7" Android iOS Tablet Spring Clamp with Tripod Mount


Some Directors may want to look over your shoulder to see what you're shooting, so by streaming a video feed over, they can stand aside while you shoot. This is a test of an 8" monitor that has built in wireless, powered by a Canon LP-E6 battery, and a remote is mounted to the camera. It also has an HDMI input for non-wireless. That's all I can say for now.

Ok, someone nailed it. It's an 8" HDMI LCD monitor, but has built in wireless and comes with an SD Video transmitter. Normally around $500 bucks, there could be a few dozen available (soon) for around $200-250 which is why I was testing it out to see if it could be useful in some ways. It doesn't appear pixelated even when using the 5D Mark III SD out port. I could see this being used to send video out to someone who needs to see it. What do you guys think, at a lower price is this something useful? Find more information about it below (click here).

find-price-button 8" LCD with HDMI - SD Wireless LCD Monitor


Aputure is a company that's been around the block, best known for it's variety of wireless products. From wireless camera shutter remotes, to wireless flash triggers, and of course the most popular of the bunch is the Wireless GigTube DSLR Live View monitors with remote shutter release (as below).

find-price-button Aputure Wireless DSLR Live View Monitors

Now they are stepping into LED Video lights with the Amaran (make sure you say hello to Litepanels and their recent filings). Models include popular counts like 126 LEDs, 160 LEDs, and 198 LEDs. All versions seem to share the same features accepting Sony battery types or 6x AA batteries. Battery indicator, dimmable, comes with a snap on Diffusion filter and snap on Tungsten filter. Hopefully it's as well put together as their other products like the new Magic Rig they are offering (here). No other reviews online at this time.

Pricing for Aputures latest LED video lights starts somewhere around $40 bucks (click here)

find-price-button Amaran LED Video Light 126 LED, 160 LED, and 198 LED