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What is your typical Multi-camera Setup when recording a performance, recital, concert, etc? Well here's a quick look at my most basic gear for three static camera angles. I typically go with (3) Panasonic GH4 cameras as I love the super long battery life, and 4K video recording all day (deliver 1080 but flexible in post for faux zooms and crops).


If i'm doing a 3 camera angle shoot, I find it's easier to match footage when you have the exact same cameras (same color profile, set same exposure, etc).

I also make sure to add a good microphone to each camera as you need really good scratch audio to do a quick sync in post. As a backup I also run timecode on all cameras and match them as close possible for post sync. In the photo you'll see i'll use either a Rode VideoMic Pro or Azden SMX-30.

I also try to use Sandisk 128GB SDXC Cards so I don't have to swap cards during the event, and record each video clip as long as possible. I find it's easier to sync a few long clips in post than a hundred small clips. Once the clips are synced in post, it's easy to cut out all the dead time.

For audio, I make sure to bring a few portable audio recorders (like Zoom H1) and set them up close to Audio Speakers, but i'll bring a Multitrack recorder (like Zoom H6) to plug directly into the sound board. The Zoom H6 offers dual recording in case sound peaks, and worst case scenario I can sometimes grab audio from the cameras (since they are mic'd up).

aspenmics-eartec-ultralite-headset-wireless-communicatorLearn-More-sm Ultralite Full Duplex Wireless Headset Kit

I also break out my hands free wireless headsets for each camera operator to make sure everyone is on the same page. Good communication is key between multiple operators.

Finally and totally optional, i've rigged up a dual monitor setup with Camera Motion Research Connex Wireless Video Kits. Super reliable and long range systems. So while i'm operating the main camera, I can get a feed from the two other camera angles and make sure I have a clear visual what everyone is covering. With our wireless headsets, I can direct the other two operators to make sure we cover the entire performance.

So that's a quick look at the core parts of how I tackle these quick Multi-camera angle shoots. Do you have any favorite pieces of gear of tips you'd like to share?


At some point in time you may find yourself on a project that will require you to send a feed to a remote monitor for others to view. Perhaps you have a client that needs to provide input about your camera settings, lens choice, framing, or movement. Or maybe you have an assistant to help with a wireless follow focus. And when your camera can't be tethered with a cable, eventually you may find a need for a kit to transmit video wirelessly. So here's a look at the CAME-TV 100m Wireless HD Video Kit.

There are systems designed for the home that you can use for a DIY solution, but often this means shorter range and lots of latency. Home kits are usually bulkier, will require you to be innovative about your battery solutions, and you'll need to find a way to mount it to your camera and monitor. Another reason you have to be careful about DIY kits is compatibility with frame rates. The Panasonic GH3 outputs a weird interlaced signal, the Canon 5DM3 and Sony cameras when set to 24p actually output 23.98. The GH4 on the other hand can output 24p, 23.98, and then you have cameras that can output 59.94p. There are a good number of Monitors that can't display these frame rates, and wireless HD Video kits are the same.

If these are reasons that would deter you from DIY home kits, the CAME-TV 100m Wireless Video Kit is clean and simple, easy to operate, minimal parts, and works great for transmitting up to 300 feet+ (depending on conditions). I have tested 1080/24p Cinema mode from the GH4 as well as NTSC 23.98, and 59.94 with no issues.

The more professional solutions are not cheap by any means, but they are designed differently than home solutions. You can find more information about the 100m Wireless HD Video kit on their website: https://www.came-tv.com/100m-wireless-hd-video-transmitter-and-receiver-p-675.html

VIEW-ITEM CAME-TV 100m Wireless HD Video Transmitter Receiver HDMI Kit


12.10.2014 Bundle available from Camera Motion Research

Wireless Director’s Monitor Super Bundle Sale Everything you need for a wireless director’s monitor at a fantastic price is included in the RB10 bundle. Regular price (not including bonus parts) is $1554.  Price after $200 discount is $1354.

find-price-button Wireless Director’s Monitor Super Bundle Sale

RB10 Monitor Bundle Includes:

  • RP10 Radian Pro set
  • CL10 TX and RX Backbones
  • BA56 USB TX battery
  • BA84 USB RX battery
  • CH10 USB battery charger
  • M701H 7” IPS monitor, select F970 or LP-E6 battery plate (battery not included)
  • MY10 Monitor Yoke
  • Bonus parts:  Monitor case and monitor yoke lightstand adaptor

If you use Anton or V-mount batteries and want the convenience of using one battery to power both the M701H monitor and the Radian receiver, we have the package for you.  This package is the same as the RB10 bundle, but includes our DT10 D-tap converter, and you can select either an Anton or V-mount battery plate for the monitor.  The additional cost for your choice of Anton or V-mount battery plate plus the D-tap converter is $95.  We get about 11 hours of run time powering both the M701H and Radian receiver with a 97 WHr battery.  (Battery shown in picture is not included)

find-price-button Wireless Director’s Monitor Super Bundle Sale


If you have a need for streaming HD Video wirelessly, the team over at Camera Motion Research want to send you a friendly reminder that the special introductory pricing for Radian Pro Kits will end on 11/20/13. The three Pro Packs now available provide even more value for customers who only need unicast (1 transmitter to 1 receiver) professional wireless HD Video with HDMI.


Product Specifications:
All Radians are uncompressed HD up to 1080P(60) with 10 bit 4:2:2, latency less than 2 msec., and LOS range over 300 ft. Plug in and Play, operation and battery operation for over 6 hours with Backbones and USB batteries. All Radians use Amimon professional quality chipsets which are NOT in the consumer versions, and include DFS channels which are not included in any of the consumer versions. The DFS channels provide a more robust wireless capability since there are fewer DFS channels in use to cause interference. Radian MC multicast sets can send to up to 4 receivers simultaneously.

Pro Pack #1
find-price-button Pro Pack #1 includes the Radian Pro transmitter and receiver parts, our TX and RX Backbone kits, and two batteries (Save an additional $50)

Pro Pack #2
find-price-button Pro Pack #2 includes the items in Pro Pack #1 and adds the case. (Save an additional $70)

Pro Pack #3
find-price-button Pro Pack #3 includes the items in Pro Pack #1 and adds the monitor yoke. (Save an additional $70)


5GHZ Wireless HDMIWireless HDMI Streaming DIY

I've been successfully using the Asus WiCast device powered up with my Tekkeon battery packs for a DIY Wireless HD Video stream from my DSLR to a remote LCD monitor (as seen in video here). Those Asus units have been discontinued for quite some time. These rebranded 5GHZ Wireless Streaming HDMI devices have been around, but has now been upgraded with a smaller transmitter. One downfall is that the transmitter has a built in male HDMI connector which needs to be stepped down to a mini HDMI if it's to be used on a DSLR camera. It still requires a 5V power source for both the transmitter and receiver. I remember someone using this brand at some point, any comments on this new version?

find-price-button 5GHZ Wireless HDMI Streaming Video Transmitter Receiver