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What is your typical Multi-camera Setup when recording a performance, recital, concert, etc? Well here's a quick look at my most basic gear for three static camera angles. I typically go with (3) Panasonic GH4 cameras as I love the super long battery life, and 4K video recording all day (deliver 1080 but flexible in post for faux zooms and crops).


If i'm doing a 3 camera angle shoot, I find it's easier to match footage when you have the exact same cameras (same color profile, set same exposure, etc).

I also make sure to add a good microphone to each camera as you need really good scratch audio to do a quick sync in post. As a backup I also run timecode on all cameras and match them as close possible for post sync. In the photo you'll see i'll use either a Rode VideoMic Pro or Azden SMX-30.

I also try to use Sandisk 128GB SDXC Cards so I don't have to swap cards during the event, and record each video clip as long as possible. I find it's easier to sync a few long clips in post than a hundred small clips. Once the clips are synced in post, it's easy to cut out all the dead time.

For audio, I make sure to bring a few portable audio recorders (like Zoom H1) and set them up close to Audio Speakers, but i'll bring a Multitrack recorder (like Zoom H6) to plug directly into the sound board. The Zoom H6 offers dual recording in case sound peaks, and worst case scenario I can sometimes grab audio from the cameras (since they are mic'd up).

aspenmics-eartec-ultralite-headset-wireless-communicatorLearn-More-sm Ultralite Full Duplex Wireless Headset Kit

I also break out my hands free wireless headsets for each camera operator to make sure everyone is on the same page. Good communication is key between multiple operators.

Finally and totally optional, i've rigged up a dual monitor setup with Camera Motion Research Connex Wireless Video Kits. Super reliable and long range systems. So while i'm operating the main camera, I can get a feed from the two other camera angles and make sure I have a clear visual what everyone is covering. With our wireless headsets, I can direct the other two operators to make sure we cover the entire performance.

So that's a quick look at the core parts of how I tackle these quick Multi-camera angle shoots. Do you have any favorite pieces of gear of tips you'd like to share?


The R-300 light is one of my quick go-to lights used off camera on a set of stands. Battery power (or AC adapter), lightweight means I can go with lightweight stands, and compact for traveling. The R-300 can surprisingly match (if not better) the larger heavier 1x1 600 Panels (see this article). Recently F&V introduced a new Softbox Kit for the R-300. If you're wondering how much of a difference the softbox has, here's a video showing a few examples.

Notice the multi-shadows when the R-300 is just bare LEDs, and still a bit with the milk diffusion filter. Taking a look at the Softbox examples removes the multi shadows and softens the light. Using the honeycomb grid controls background spills and the image appears to have more contrast while still diffusing evenly across the plane.

FV r300 softbox screengrab

For me, this is quite a significant difference, enough to deem this new Softbox as a 'must-have' modifier for the R-300. I'm looking forward to really testing it out on the next interview piece. You can find the R-300 LED Video lights and Softbox Kits over at the F&V website (Click Here).

find-price-button R-300 LED Video Ring Light

r-300 led light softboximg_0394
find-price-button Soft Box and Bracket for R-300 LED Ring Light

For EU customers, check out the F&V EU website (click here)
fv r300 led ring light
fv light softbox led light
find-price-button Shop F&V (EU) Website R-300 LED Video Light


For those who are still shopping for a set of affordable LED video light panels, here is a closer look at the F&V K4000/ K4000s Bi-Color LED Studio Panel 3 Light Kit.

The K4000/K4000s LED Lights can be powered by V-mount battery, 3.5mm DC input, or by a more robust V-mount to AC wall adapter. The filters are offset to eliminate multi-shadow effects typically found on panels that use multi-led bulb arrays. Sold separately these lights run up to $500/each, but as a 3 piece kit (which includes a travel case) these lights end up running as low as $330/each (found here). If you want to get a few more ideas on how professionals are using these lights, take a look at the F&V Video Gallery page (found here).

find-price-button K4000 Single Color / K4000S Bi-Color LED Video Light Kits