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A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to test drive the Varavon Wirecam. The Wirecam is a Cable Cam system that flies a camera over a rope tied between two points. Although the affordability and use of drones are increasing for aerial imaging, there are still many instances in which a Drone would either not work, would be illegal, unsafe, or would be just a noisy nuisance.

Varavon Cable Cam Wirecam Gimbal System
Learn-More-sm Varavon Wirecam Remote Control Wireless Cable-Cam System

Unlike most Drones that could only fly for about 20 minutes, the Varavon Wirecam could go for hours at a time. Not to mention if you wanted to fly a larger camera than just a GoPro, you'd need a fairly large Drone. In our example we were able to fly a DJI Ronin-M + GH4 + 12mm Rokinon Lens + Radian Wireless Video System. Now that we've made our point that Drones can't solve everything, here's a quick montage video (below) of us setting up and operating the system.

Operating the Varavon Wirecam was extremely simple to operate as it only moves either left or right and the entire system weighs only about 7lbs (without camera). Of course this is not a tool you should show up with without some type of practice setting it up. You'll want to get a few hours in getting familiar with tying down the line, mounting your camera system, and any other accessories.

Varavon Wirecam Blox Evolution Car show Remote Setup DJI Ronin-M Cable Cam
Setting up Varavon Wirecam Cable-Cam System

The most difficult part about working with the system is finding a good place to attach the rope. Our warehouse project had plently of steel beams, but out in an open area is where you'll need to be creative. When attaching the Rope, you should brush up on your knot tying skills, carry a set of ratcheting tie downs, and I highly suggest using a Manual Come-Along to pull the braided rope tight. These will make life much easier, and you'll find that with a brand new braided rope, the braids will tighten and eventually produce enough slack that you would have to re-adjust 2-3 times before it starts settling in.

manual come-along winch puller
find-price-button Manual Puller Come-Along Winch

You can mount a camera directly under the Wirecam, but a gimbal will help to stabilize the horizon. And If you're using a gimbal like the DJI Ronin-M that comes with a remote, you'll also be able to control Pan + Tilt as the Wirecam flies.

DJI Ronin-M 3 Axis Gimbal StabilizerDJI ronin-m remote control
find-price-button DJI Ronin-M Gimbal Stabilizer for Cameras up to 8 lbs

Of course in order to frame a shot, you'll want to stream the video feed back from the camera. In our setup, we used the Camera Motion Research Radian Pro System. So as one operator controlled the Wirecam, a second operator controlled Pan + Tilt on the DJI Ronin-M Gimbal, and both operators shared a monitor.

Camera Motion Research Radian Pro Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver

The Varavon Wirecam is a great option for high flying aerials when a drone system just won't cut it. I could see this cable-cam system being used heavily in sports on the sidelines of a field, lap pool, motocross track, or other events in which the camera needs to constantly repeat a forward / back or left /right tracking shot.

Varavon Wirecam over BLOX Evolution Car Show Pier 70

For more information about the Varavon Wirecam vist the product pages at https://varavon.com/products/wirecam.

Varavon Wirecam Cable Cam System
Learn-More-sm Varavon Wirecam Remote Control Wireless Cable-Cam System


12.10.2014 Bundle available from Camera Motion Research

Wireless Director’s Monitor Super Bundle Sale Everything you need for a wireless director’s monitor at a fantastic price is included in the RB10 bundle. Regular price (not including bonus parts) is $1554.  Price after $200 discount is $1354.

find-price-button Wireless Director’s Monitor Super Bundle Sale

RB10 Monitor Bundle Includes:

  • RP10 Radian Pro set
  • CL10 TX and RX Backbones
  • BA56 USB TX battery
  • BA84 USB RX battery
  • CH10 USB battery charger
  • M701H 7” IPS monitor, select F970 or LP-E6 battery plate (battery not included)
  • MY10 Monitor Yoke
  • Bonus parts:  Monitor case and monitor yoke lightstand adaptor

If you use Anton or V-mount batteries and want the convenience of using one battery to power both the M701H monitor and the Radian receiver, we have the package for you.  This package is the same as the RB10 bundle, but includes our DT10 D-tap converter, and you can select either an Anton or V-mount battery plate for the monitor.  The additional cost for your choice of Anton or V-mount battery plate plus the D-tap converter is $95.  We get about 11 hours of run time powering both the M701H and Radian receiver with a 97 WHr battery.  (Battery shown in picture is not included)

find-price-button Wireless Director’s Monitor Super Bundle Sale


If you have a need for streaming HD Video wirelessly, the team over at Camera Motion Research want to send you a friendly reminder that the special introductory pricing for Radian Pro Kits will end on 11/20/13. The three Pro Packs now available provide even more value for customers who only need unicast (1 transmitter to 1 receiver) professional wireless HD Video with HDMI.


Product Specifications:
All Radians are uncompressed HD up to 1080P(60) with 10 bit 4:2:2, latency less than 2 msec., and LOS range over 300 ft. Plug in and Play, operation and battery operation for over 6 hours with Backbones and USB batteries. All Radians use Amimon professional quality chipsets which are NOT in the consumer versions, and include DFS channels which are not included in any of the consumer versions. The DFS channels provide a more robust wireless capability since there are fewer DFS channels in use to cause interference. Radian MC multicast sets can send to up to 4 receivers simultaneously.

Pro Pack #1
find-price-button Pro Pack #1 includes the Radian Pro transmitter and receiver parts, our TX and RX Backbone kits, and two batteries (Save an additional $50)

Pro Pack #2
find-price-button Pro Pack #2 includes the items in Pro Pack #1 and adds the case. (Save an additional $70)

Pro Pack #3
find-price-button Pro Pack #3 includes the items in Pro Pack #1 and adds the monitor yoke. (Save an additional $70)


It seem like every time I post a video stabilizer review, I often receive the same question - 'How can you adjust focus?'. Typically i'll just answer this question by replying with a text comment, but i'm sure it's still not very clear. Hopefully this article can help visualize a few ways focus can be achieved when a camera is balanced on a stabilizer, thrown on a video crane, or other device where adjusting the lens would be cumbersome or impossible.

One option to adjust focus (without physically touching the lens) can be by use of an electronic follow focus system. In the video below, Vimeo member Nicholas D shares how he's setup his camera on a SteddiePod Stabilizer with a Cinematics USB follow focus [Thanks Nick]. The USB systems will be limited, as they will only work with certain cameras (mostly Canon) and only with compatible auto focus lenses - not manual lenses.

Barber Tech SteddiePod
Barber Tech SteddiePod
Cinematics USB Follow Focus
Cinematics USB Follow Focus

An alternative could be to use dedicated Wired or Wireless electronic follow focus systems attached to the outside lens gear. The benefits to these systems is that they can be used with pretty much any lens that supports manual focus. The throw can be remapped for shorter or longer focus movements at the dial, and higher end systems allow to you store focus points. The full wireless systems are helpful when you need another person to manage focus so that the camera operator can move about freely.

If you plan to work with a Wireless Follow Focus, Camera Motion Research has announced the new Radian Pro kits that will send a Wireless HD Video stream via HDMI to a remote monitor. There are ways to achieve this through a DIY solution, but the Radian Pro claims to use a more commercial version transmitter / receiver that can transmit through a broader range of channels for longer distance, low latency, and clearer image. The Radian Pro is available in both a Unicast or MultiCast version (multiple video streams).

For myself, I may not use a WFF for every project, but I do use Wireless Video when operating on longer cranes/jibs or even just to share a feed for others to view (so they aren't hanging over your shoulder). Add a remote Pan/Tilt head to this combination, and you'll be able to man a camera from a distance away while focusing and zooming. Great when you have to leave a camera somewhere you can't be seen like on stage, or perhaps even at a church during a wedding, or in the middle of a racetrack.

Sorry for the lack of great examples, but hopefully this article is somewhat helpful and gives you ideas of what you can do with such tools. Remember that these are not limited to just these types of Stabilizers (a.k.a Steadicam). These are the same tools that can be used on those amazing Brushless Motor Camera Gimbal Stabilizers everyone has been recently obsessed about.

find-price-button Camera Motion Research Radian Pro Wireless HD Video Kit via HDMI