What’s New – Aputure Amaran LED Video Lights

Aputure is a company that's been around the block, best known for it's variety of wireless products. From wireless camera shutter remotes, to wireless flash triggers, and of course the most popular of the bunch is the Wireless GigTube DSLR Live View monitors with remote shutter release (as below).

find-price-button Aputure Wireless DSLR Live View Monitors

Now they are stepping into LED Video lights with the Amaran (make sure you say hello to Litepanels and their recent filings). Models include popular counts like 126 LEDs, 160 LEDs, and 198 LEDs. All versions seem to share the same features accepting Sony battery types or 6x AA batteries. Battery indicator, dimmable, comes with a snap on Diffusion filter and snap on Tungsten filter. Hopefully it's as well put together as their other products like the new Magic Rig they are offering (here). No other reviews online at this time.

Pricing for Aputures latest LED video lights starts somewhere around $40 bucks (click here)

find-price-button Amaran LED Video Light 126 LED, 160 LED, and 198 LED

10 thoughts on “What’s New – Aputure Amaran LED Video Lights

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  2. Watch out from buying the AU shop, they mention in the listing that there is a Postal Strike going on in Australia & Brazil as of Sept 20th, 2011 that could affect the delivery times significantly.

    Also, I am bent between getting a 2 pack of W96 2.0's vs these.

    I want to see a review on these soon so I can make up my mind, have a lot to film this October!

  3. jodydb

    $114.19 USD shipped for 2 198 led lights + is crazy, dont pass it up. Buy from AU shop however, its listed much higher in US shop for some reason

  4. J Hanna

    I can't wait till someone comments on these guys.
    I want to throw a super thank you out to you emm.
    I'm gearing up for a big shoot and I check your site every day for tips/tricks and everything.
    I used to have a big ol kit of standard film gear and sold it all. I've restocked all my gear for half the price (and 1/8 of the weight). thanks for that!
    Someone quickly review these things...

  5. Looks all plastic, but hopefully the plastic is the robust Z96 type. My ol CN 160 plastic feels really cheap, and the hotshoe adjustments look like these Aputure ones. They're a royal pain in the ass compared to the Z96s for sure.

  6. Scottrellwi

    It's no wonder Litepanels has a bug up their butt. 2 198 led lights + filters + small hotshoe adaptors for around $116.00! Let's see if they are any good.

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