DIY DSLR Logo T-Shirt Available


DIY DSLR inspired Logo T-Shirt. Some of you might have seen me wearing this T-Shirt during the Express35 Event Rig review (click here). A few people mentioned it could be of interest, so here it is available online starting today. Just a simple acronym DIY with an image of a DSLR. Shirts available in a few variety of sizes and colors. Find it below.

find-price-button DIY DSLR Logo Inspired T-Shirt

9 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Logo T-Shirt Available

  1. I want this shirt

    Is this shirt still available? If not could you PLEASE upload the photo you used an I will make it myself...a DIY DIY shirt how ironic...

  2. I agree on both counts, Emm. Cafepress prices are high and the art isn't nearly as durable as silk screening. If anyone wants access to a hi-rez version of that image, they can contact me.

    I don't associate the grunge look with my DIY stuff, or I'd be ordering a couple of shirts.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Bruce Philpott - I'm not a fan of the shirts that Cafe Press provides. Also they use a DTF printer which doesn't look as nice as silk screen. They are also overly priced shirts with very high shipping fees.

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