Plastic MatteBox – Price Discounted

Hey remember that plastic MatteBox / Sunshade I mentioned about two months ago and said 'Don't do it!'? Still for only about $65 dollars, there were many people who picked up on it and said it served a purpose for what they needed it for (aesthetics?).

Well here we are just 60 days in from it's initial release and now it's received a major price slash, we're talking about half price plus FREE Shipping [Thanks Kenrik]. Some people charge just that on the 15mm clamp alone. I'm still not a fan of the thing, but to each their own. Now you can now find these plastic sunshades through a variety of sellers for the price they were first meant to be released at (click here).

MatteBoxplastic mattebox
find-price-button Cheap Plastic Matte Box Sunshade for 15mm Rails

8 thoughts on “Plastic MatteBox – Price Discounted

  1. editwizard

    I just ordered one of these for $16.64 off amazon... I confess partly for aesthetics but also to cheaply cut flare from lighting. At the very least I figure the rod mount clamp comes in handy for something else one day when I upgrade to a 'real' matte box in the $100-200 range. Not even sure if the ones in that price range are even worth it since many reviews say they can be flimsy and flags fall, etc. Right now that $100-200 I'm prioritizing for a follow focus as I slowly build up my rig.

    So under $20 seemed great for something to shade the lens, fool clients and to round out my first rig with rods - which are part of the P&C Gearbox GB-2 arriving today!

    Speaking of P&C - you guys should totally design a matte box alternative that has filter slots, a great price and doesn't suck.

  2. kronstadt

    You can cut the rod clamp and throw away the rest, and use the rod clamp for DIY projects. The rod clamp alone is worth more than its price.

    But frankly, ALL matte boxes, no matter how good, should be no more than $65.

    I have my DIY matte box which I've made from a Cromatek + rod clamp, and I'm very happy: it blocks the unwanted light (completely!), it holds 3-4 filters (though doesn't rotate), swings away when I need to change lenses, it's compact and light, and does the job. Overall cost $40. Why spend more? Unless you want to turn up on a shoot and pimp your gear "Look at me, look at the size of my French flags, now I look like I'm shooting a 35mm film". I get the sense that the reason why many people splash out $300-500 on a matte box is because they want to look "professional".

  3. MaC

    well looks ca be deceiving. I got one, and it does the job. Its not flimsy! very sturdy ABS plastic, and the shades clamp very sturdly to the hindges. I glued a Cokin filter holder to it, so it can take filters, and works like a charm.
    The machined aluminum 15mm clamp alone is worth the price.
    I also sprayed black mate paint on the inside of the shades.

  4. Marcus west

    Hey don't waste your money on this piece of sh***t my wife was home I china and she told me this was just junk and fake flimsy crap she looked at them while she was there so I guess if the Chinese say they suck they suck.

  5. LOL, Bamboo one sounds nice to me however.
    But I have to be careful if I am filming animals, some animals do eat bamboo like panda.

    The price is amazing though.

  6. MisterO

    Thanks for the news Emm, but honeslty I don't see the point of getting such a poorly built mattebox.
    Feels like just looking at it will break it.
    You can't even add any filters.
    Useless !

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