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Here's a simple product that just makes life a little more simpler. The FlareDinkum Compact or Pro Lens Flag provides a simple solution for lens shade without having to carry around a large mattebox or when using ND filters and Various Lenses. There is a 1/4-20 female thread under the hotshoe mount if you want to mount it to some other area on your rig.

Cheesycam Dinkum Flag GH3

I've also used it in situations where i'm trying to keep a bit of rain off the front of my lens. The Dinkum Systems FlareDinkum is available in a variety of sizes from small to large, and this video shows the Compact version for smaller DSLR style cameras. You can find the FlareDinkum via Amazon (Click Here).

Dinkum Lens Shade21WRnMtJNqL._AA160_
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Frank writes in and shares a new find [Thanks Frank]. Probably best known for their budget follow focus a.k.a. 'RJ Follow Focus', here's a new Matte Box in their product lineup. Not long ago they offered a cheaper plastic version, which I didn't think too highly of. Seems like they were listening and is now offering a more professional version with dual rotating 4x4 filter trays in a swing away design.


That's quite a bit of features for something in this price range, which is about $100 dollars cheaper than the TrusMT (reviewed here). Of course, no reviews on this item just yet about build quality, and what's up with the blue accents again? You can find the RJ Pro MatteBox available now (click here).

find-price-button RJ Pro Matte Box Dual Rotating Filter Swing Away


Vimeo member HDSLR GEAR has a great review on the new gen TrustMT MatteBox. [Thanks Joel]. For those who are new to shopping for a MatteBox, this is a great video explaining options and features some lower end MatteBoxes will lack. Features such as a basic filter tray (Some don't have any. This has more than one), Rotating filter trays (important for CPLs or ND Grads filters), swing away arm (for faster lens changes), and quick rod mounts (not threaded to lens, so you don't have to worry about fit). When considering Features + Build Quality + Price in a MatteBox, the TrusMT brand always comes up in conversation. You can find the various TrusMT products at their store (click here).

TrusMT-MatteTrusMT Follow FocusTrusMT-HandleBars
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Hey remember that plastic MatteBox / Sunshade I mentioned about two months ago and said 'Don't do it!'? Still for only about $65 dollars, there were many people who picked up on it and said it served a purpose for what they needed it for (aesthetics?).

Well here we are just 60 days in from it's initial release and now it's received a major price slash, we're talking about half price plus FREE Shipping [Thanks Kenrik]. Some people charge just that on the 15mm clamp alone. I'm still not a fan of the thing, but to each their own. Now you can now find these plastic sunshades through a variety of sellers for the price they were first meant to be released at (click here).

MatteBoxplastic mattebox
find-price-button Cheap Plastic Matte Box Sunshade for 15mm Rails


Even the cheapest ProAim mattebox runs you well over $280 (including shipping), so this new single filter MatteBox complete with side flags for half price + free shipping is a much better option than the recent cheap plastic version (found here) that holds NO filters.

The shallow hood looks like it can accommodate wide lens setups, but no information on if the filter can be rotated (for polarizers or grads). Not the best of the best, but I know some of you were excited about the $70 dollar version matte boxes for pure aesthetics, so I suggest you at least hold out and get something like this. Not only uses more metal in construction (except hood), it looks much better, and also serves a better purpose by holding a filter (like ND). New mattebox can be found on eBay (click here).

[Update] Prices starting to move upwards since this post. [Update again] Seems like they dropped pricing back down hearing complaints.

find-price-button Inexpensive Single Filter MatteBox with Full Flags