New Inexpensive Single Filter MatteBox w/ Full Flags

Even the cheapest ProAim mattebox runs you well over $280 (including shipping), so this new single filter MatteBox complete with side flags for half price + free shipping is a much better option than the recent cheap plastic version (found here) that holds NO filters.

The shallow hood looks like it can accommodate wide lens setups, but no information on if the filter can be rotated (for polarizers or grads). Not the best of the best, but I know some of you were excited about the $70 dollar version matte boxes for pure aesthetics, so I suggest you at least hold out and get something like this. Not only uses more metal in construction (except hood), it looks much better, and also serves a better purpose by holding a filter (like ND). New mattebox can be found on eBay (click here).

[Update] Prices starting to move upwards since this post. [Update again] Seems like they dropped pricing back down hearing complaints.

find-price-button Inexpensive Single Filter MatteBox with Full Flags

45 thoughts on “New Inexpensive Single Filter MatteBox w/ Full Flags

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @yves - The metal donut looks like it can hold up to around 90mm (lens thread). The different sized rings are foam to help cover more of the lens. You just slide the camera lens through the different sized foam donuts, and the Mattebox is held in place through a rail set.

  2. Derek

    Sounds promising. What is the weight like? I'd heard very bad things about Proaim's Matte boxes before. I wonder if this is a new design to address those issues. I was planning on saving for a Trusmt but maybe I'll bite on this.

  3. @Eddy Bee

    There aren't any shoe mounts on mine, but the top handle is removable. There are 7 1/4'' screw holes along the cage. I jumped around with it yesterday, shaking and swinging it probably more dangerously than I should have, with the full weight of my T2i, Tamron lens, rig and matte box hanging below and it felt nothing but sturdy.

  4. Eddy Bee

    Thanks for posting info about the matte box and cage. I have a couple of questions about the cage... Does it have any shoe mounts? Is the handle removable? Can the small holes along the cage be used to mount accessories with a 1/4" screw?
    Many thanks.

  5. @Weelian

    Just got mine in the mail today (6 days from day of purchase to arrival at my door, FYI). Aesthetically, I can't see any difference between this unit and the unit pictured EXCEPT that there are 2 4x4 filter trays and the filters CAN be rotated. Everything looks solid, including the camera cage that came with it. I can't wait to try this out.

    Happy to answer any more questions, and again, thanks Emm for the heads up on these units.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @andrew - Looks good. They dropped the price back down, so it's still the cheapest Matte to accept a filter and mount on Rods. I'm waiting for mine to come in.

  7. andrew


    I think I found the front of this mysterious mattebox! The link is from one of their combo package ebay listings.

  8. @brandon

    It is different from the one originally listed above. The mattebox listed by James appears to have 2 filter trays instead of 1 and it cannot be attached to the camera lens thread using a ring adapter, unlike the original mattebox. It also appears to me that it cannot be rotated.

    The Mattebox is essentially a Century Optics Sunshade clone( with French Flags and a rail mount attached to it.

  9. brandon

    Does anybody know anything about James's link? Looks like it's a different mattebox altogether. Anybody have info on it?

  10. @Emm - The package contents state that 9inch camera cage is included. That's pretty much all I was after, along with the matte box. Thanks for the heads up, though.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @James - The auction states that nothing is included. It's basically the same MatteBox just showing images of how it can be used.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Tim - I believe it's the same MatteBox, just comes with rails. I'm not sure about the quality of rails. I have Gini and stuff which is great.

  13. Colby

    Hey Emm Which one did you get? just the matte box, matte box w/ camera cage or the one with the rod support? do you think you need the one with the bigger rod support?

  14. I was thinking of getting this but now at 170 i'm going to pass...I understand supply and demand as much as the next person but this ebay crud is just to annoying. I don't like feeling like i'm taking advantage of as a consumer, but the best part is, I don't have to buy it if I don't want to. perfectly happy with my $68 dollar one. if it comes back down to its org price maybe i'll buy it then.

  15. Will this item work with dslrs: Matte Box with 15mm Rod Support for XL1, XL2, HVX200 (second item when using the link)

    At $245 for the rails and the matte box it seems like a reasonable price.

  16. Curse you all!

    Just kidding... I knew this would happen... oh well... still curious about the cage handle individual pricing, though

  17. HD-tography

    Sickening! It's not worth that much... Under $150 shipped... MAYBE, but beyond that price point you are starting to get closer to dual filter holders, rotating filters, swing away mounts, etc.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Polish Dan - Not sure how that happened, but all the prices just went up. Many have sold in the last few days.

  19. Polish Dan

    I pressed buy it now at $142 and before i pressed commit to buy it says $170???? What gives???

  20. Proaim, DVcity and FilmCity are all from the same North India company. They do make some very good and competitively priced products. I'm very satisfied with their Flycam Nano and sliders they have. Some of their designs are obviously lifted from the more famous brands.

    I own their Proaim Kit-20(C) Shoulder DSLR kit which comes with rotating filter holders and very similar flags shown by the mattebox above. The mattebox above has the exact same rail support as mine. The Mattebox itself is a slightly modified and cloned version of Century Optics VS-SS05-00 sunshade (which I have and is excellent!) The filter holder does NOT rotate, though you can rotate the entire mattebox if you attach it using a filter step down adapter Ring ( The metal screw knob on the lower right enables the quick release of the adapter. Given an option I prefer using the step down adapter for attaching to the lens. The rail support is quite dismal as the entire mattebox is supported with one tiny hex nut and bolt. The result is when you move around, the entire mattebox, heavy with a glass filter (4x4" size) will vibrate and the flag corners will hit each other and cause an annoying rattle. This can be over come by gaffer tapping the side flag corners.

    The filter holder can be adjusted at various heights just like the Century Optics version.

  21. HD-tography


    Hey thanks for the tip! I may just try that! Any chance of a tutorial using the brake caliper epoxy style paint when you try it?

    @Amused Observer

    Well here's the thing, Red and Black has become something of a foundation when purchasing gear due to OUR company branding and logo seen in the field, so from a business standpoint it makes sense to stick with it, and the increasing BLUE "trend" of (recent) DSLR gear being manufactured (especially the affordable/innovative China/India stuff) clashes greatly with OUR color scheme! It's just getting VERY frustrating... sorry to vent on this board.

  22. HD-tography

    I'm fairly certain the filter doesn't rotate, doesn't appear that type of design anyways...

    WTF is with all the gear these days using BLUE screws? I am so sick of it as all my gear is Red and Black, because I have a pile of Gini rigs and other Red/Black equipment...

    Either I need to find a dealer to sell red anodized replacement screws or these companies need to start making options to pick red or black screws instead...

    THAT'S IT I'VE HAD IT! I'm not buying ANYTHING more that uses BLUE... it's bad enough I have to paint over the blue pointer and knob with metallic red model paint for the RJ FF that came in last week, which BTW at least had a removable shiny blue rubber insert for the BLUE FF knob (only stuck on with double sided tape, which in now appropriately black with it removed)

    Any ideas for red replacement screws Emm?

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony Maceo - This one should be good. This is most likely a new smaller version of the Proaim (rebranded). I should have one of these soon. It's currently the cheapest MatteBox that does not use the Lens thread to mount, and comes with FIlter holder. Definitely much better than the RJ Matte which I mentioned wasn't very good.

  24. Ben

    I hate it when they never show the front of the matte box. Makes you wonder what they're trying to hide.

  25. Tony Maceo

    I'm taking caution, after the W96 upgrade led light fiasco. It behooves everyone to wait for Emm to get one for review. Otherwise, I think India and China listens to the diy-types like us and it just shows the buying power we all have as a collective at influencing updated products, design changes, and affordability. Let's use our niche market strength to our advantage and wisely refrain from pouncing on these products as soon as they become available, but let a review or two come through before. I know Emm is not fond of an official CSOA, but we find his and all those who "take one for the team" invaluable to our gear and accessories acquisitions. Excuse my grammatical errors, its been a long day. =)

  26. Consider my interest piqued. On the one hand I could jump at this right now and run the risk of it being junk, or I could wait, and potentially deal with the rise in price that comes from a CheesyCam referral.

    Have you gotten hands on this one Emm?

    Also, I'm curious how much extra it would cost for them to include the 6inch cage w/ handle to add to my gini rig.

  27. Mickey Jones

    Hmmmm, out of India and I seem to recognize that rail mount as a ProAim design. I'm thinking this may be from the same company.

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