New RJ Pro Swing Away Matte Box


Frank writes in and shares a new find [Thanks Frank]. Probably best known for their budget follow focus a.k.a. 'RJ Follow Focus', here's a new Matte Box in their product lineup. Not long ago they offered a cheaper plastic version, which I didn't think too highly of. Seems like they were listening and is now offering a more professional version with dual rotating 4x4 filter trays in a swing away design.


That's quite a bit of features for something in this price range, which is about $100 dollars cheaper than the TrusMT (reviewed here). Of course, no reviews on this item just yet about build quality, and what's up with the blue accents again? You can find the RJ Pro MatteBox available now (click here).

find-price-button RJ Pro Matte Box Dual Rotating Filter Swing Away

7 thoughts on “New RJ Pro Swing Away Matte Box

  1. Rob

    That's rotten of them to do. We should boycott any company that jacks up the price like that. It's really in their best interest to keep the price down and they'll sell more. Especially since somebody will come along with something just as good and undercut them.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - The $308 is a starting bid for one unique auction. They don't always have those auctions available. Otherwise the Buy It Now price is much much higher than the RJ.

  3. i wish there was a good matte box like this that supported cokin P filters. They are cheap and easy to come by. for now I will have to stick with my cokin filter holder.

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