Canon 5D Mark III (Body Only) Available

More Canon 5D Mark III (Body Only) cameras become available via B&H. This time you don't have to buy the kit with the lens. Check it out following the link (click here).

find-price-button Canon 5D Mark III (Body Only)

7 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark III (Body Only) Available

  1. Joel

    apostolos ~ Are you kidding? The headphone jack and onscreen audio level metering on the mk III is worth the upgrade by themselves.

  2. I'm trying to hold out to see if Canon releases a 7d replacement with a swivel screen. If it doesn't pan out I'm just going to take the plunge.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - Yes I have a Canon 5D Mark III. For video only, the low light is awesome, but it might not be enough to justify the price difference to the discounted 5D Mark II. For a 'stills photo' camera, this is the best Canon has released in a long time, and well worth the price.

  4. Hey Emm:

    Do you own one? How does it do in ISO 1600 and 3200 FOR STILLS, compared to the mkII. I have the mkII for stills, and due to the underwhelming general response towards it for video, I have not put it in my purchase list in the near future.

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