Lilliput’s new 9.7″ Flagship HDMI IPS LCD Field Monitor

Lilliput 9.7 inch LCD HDMI Monitor
Lilliput 9.7" LCD HDMI Monitor

While there's an obsession for smaller and smaller high resolution HDMI LCD Monitors, Lilliput's latest release is a huge 9.7" IPS LCD Field Monitor. That's about as large as an iPad screen. Besides having all the standard software features you'd expect like Peaking Filter, False Color, Exposure Zebras, and a Histrogram, this new 9.7" LCD stands as their first Professional Field Monitor and current Flagship Product with a variety of inputs including (2) HDMI Inputs and (1) HDMI Output.

Lilliput Monitor 9.7" Field HDMI
HDMI LCD Monitor 9.7" Lilliput Field

Can be powered through popular Sony batteries, or through Canon LP-E6 with a battery plate adapter. Folding sunshade, simple Analog Dials for adjustments, and Gimbal Yoke for easy re-positioning. I really like where this is going, as I can see myself using a larger monitor on many occasions. You can find more photos, details, and specs from the new Flagship Lilliput Field Monitor over at eBay (Click Here).

Lilliput LCD HDMI 9.7" DSLR Video MonitorLilliput 9.7" HDMI LCD Monitor
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13 thoughts on “Lilliput’s new 9.7″ Flagship HDMI IPS LCD Field Monitor

  1. iP337

    Anyone know if this would be a good choice (or know of a better but still cheap choice) for a portable color grading screen over the Macbook IPS screens?

    I like to have a screen calibrated to the THX Optimizer while I grade since most of my clients use that for their end result viewing. I've owned older lilliput monitors that offered manual color calibration but could never get the red saturation right (always over saturated the red channel). I asume this would be the same but is it?

  2. I'm not sure these info are accurate.
    On the Liliput website, not anything about IPS, just LED display?! Ebay shops are all about LCD display...
    Please check your info, To me, it's just another LED display on the market.

  3. Tony

    This is a nice monitor... there are times when you need something bigger than 5" and going up to 7" isn't much difference. One of my Chinese contacts told me another monitor maker is bringing a nice 7" video monitor with basically the same features as this one... tally, IPS, HDMI IN/OUT...but only 1 of each.

  4. Steve V

    HDMI is not a very good input to work with (prone to damage, short lengths, and can come loose easily). I wish they could produce models which are as low priced with HD-SDI inputs. They have them but they are over double the price. I know this is aimed at the DLSR market (and therefore HDMI) though.

  5. Steve

    It's actually much closer to 16x9 than 4x3. It's a 1.71 aspect ratio, so a little bit wider than 16x10 and definitely wider than 4x3's 1.33. And for a client/director monitor, with an IPS panel in it, I think it's fantastic. I was working a shoot about a month ago on a 5D Mk II and would have killed for one of these. We were using a 16x9 without any rescaling feature and the director was constantly saying "Now it looks like Super Panavision." Not to mention the viewing angle sucked on it. I'll be in for one for sure, when I'm not broke of course.

  6. Dollar Bob

    A larger production monitor is very useful for setting up a video village, a client monitor, and/or drawing unnecessary spectators away from the camera.

    It doesn't always need to be the highest-rez latest and greatest. Some people equate large with better ... so let them. And get on with your work.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @HD-tography - I was thinking the same, but there are some high end thousand dollar 7" Marshall LCD monitors that only have a 480 display. A 600 display on a 9.7" might not be as bad as it sounds. I've used a 30" 720 display on a camera before, and it was great for sharing the video feed.

  8. Dan

    why 4:3 aspect ratio for screen ?

    black bars (for 16:9 img) can be use for info (batt, iso, ...) ?


  9. mark london

    love this. Will definitely buy one. Been waiting for a decently priced 10 inch monitor. Very useful for drama.

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