Here's an overview of the Aputure V-Converter Extra Scope product that takes an HDMI input and outputs a variety of overlays to any HDMI monitor, display, or television.

When the Aputure V-Converter product was first announced, the specs listed it would take a 1080p input, but only output a 720p signal. A recent firmware upgrade now allows the unit to output to full 1080p. I'm sure all the new products shipped will have this update, but if you need to download it, check the Aputure website (here).

The V-Converter can be powered from a Built-in lithium battery, but it's not a product I think fits the run-gun type shooter. With a $340+ price tag, mobile shooters may want to just look into a portable LCD monitor with these features already built in.
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In my opinion, the V-Converter is a product that will mainly appeal to those who will be working on set, in a studio type environment, or on location that requires a large stationary monitor. It will be helpful in any setting in which you need to look across the room, check exposure, see if audio levels are peaking, and what's currently in focus. It may be a product that compliments video shooters who have a workflow streaming Wireless HDMI Video (like with these Radian Pro Kits).

Aputure V-Converter Extra Scope Review Cheesycam

Considering how cheap large LCD HD televisions are these days, this little product can add-on big features normally only found on very very expensive studio monitors. You can find more info about the Aputure V-Converter HDMI Extra Scope (here).

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Lilliput 9.7 inch LCD HDMI Monitor
Lilliput 9.7" LCD HDMI Monitor

While there's an obsession for smaller and smaller high resolution HDMI LCD Monitors, Lilliput's latest release is a huge 9.7" IPS LCD Field Monitor. That's about as large as an iPad screen. Besides having all the standard software features you'd expect like Peaking Filter, False Color, Exposure Zebras, and a Histrogram, this new 9.7" LCD stands as their first Professional Field Monitor and current Flagship Product with a variety of inputs including (2) HDMI Inputs and (1) HDMI Output.

Lilliput Monitor 9.7" Field HDMI
HDMI LCD Monitor 9.7" Lilliput Field

Can be powered through popular Sony batteries, or through Canon LP-E6 with a battery plate adapter. Folding sunshade, simple Analog Dials for adjustments, and Gimbal Yoke for easy re-positioning. I really like where this is going, as I can see myself using a larger monitor on many occasions. You can find more photos, details, and specs from the new Flagship Lilliput Field Monitor over at eBay (Click Here).

Lilliput LCD HDMI 9.7" DSLR Video MonitorLilliput 9.7" HDMI LCD Monitor
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Vello LCD Hood SunshadeVello Sunshade LCD Hood

If you're trying to prevent glare on the screen, you could use an LCD viewfinder. Of course it makes it harder to see the screen from certain angles without having your eye placed directly into the Loupe. In these situations, maybe a simple sunshade or LCD hood would be a better choice.

I've seen the folding plastic pop up sunshades for mini LCD screens, but I haven't seen anything quite like these Vello Mini LCD Hood Sunshades. Looks like it just folds over the flip out LCD on your camcorder or DSLR (with swivel screen) such as the Canon 60D, T3i, GH2, or even the new T4i. Available in 2.7", 3.0", and 3.5" inch LCD screens via B&H (Click Here).

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Lilliput 7" LCD HMDI Monitor

A few significant differences between the high end LCD monitors and cheaper versions are the lack of False Color, Peaking and or Focus assist features. There's also resolution, pixel density, color, and exposure accuracy. Although it may not be the best, Lilliput's new 7" 5D-II/P monitor is throwing down some of these features normally reserved for only high end HDMI monitors. Aries writes in and shares a video showcasing the peaking feature. [Thanks Aries]

The focus assist feature shows bright red lines on areas that are sharper on screen basically showing you what's in focus. In the new Lilliput monitor you'll also find other options like a Brightness Histogram, Exposure Zebras, and False Color.

Lilliput Zebra Exposure
Lilliput 5D False Color LCD
Lilliput Focus Peaking Assist
Lilliput Brightness Histogram

Don't be confused with older Lilliput 5D-II/O lcd monitors, this version is listed with Peaking normally shown with a 'P' in the model information. There are a few different models to choose from and if it includes an 'O', that basically means it has HDMI output (pass through) available also. You can find more pretty pictures, and listed information following the link to the new Lilliput (click here).

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2011-12-15 18.46.29

The Z96 next to the latest W12. If you don't know the story, the W12 is pretty much an exact form factor replica of the Z96 except they've replaced the LED lights with high power ones.

2011-12-15 18.47.142011-12-15 18.47.31

2011-12-15 18.46.53W12 LED Light

I snapped these images before walking out of the studio last night. I'll be in later to snap some example light comparisons. I'll try to have some side by side lighting examples later today. These W12 high power LED lights are found at (click here).

W12 LED LightW12 LED Video Light
find-price-button 12 High Power LED Video Light

The Z96 prices have also stabilized somewhat. They can be found on eBay (click here), but make sure they are selling the 'real' F&V branded light since there has been quite a few replicas floating around. If you're unsure, you might want to check out Amazon for the real version of the Z96s.

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Lilliput 569H 569GL

Thanks to Ruben for this new piece of information. Looks like Lilliput wants to play in the 5" HDMI LCD market. With cameras looking to compete in the 'smaller' form factor, i'm sure we'll be seeing more and more in the 5" range. I guess a 7" LCD monitor might look a bit crazy on the new Sony NEX or Panasonic GF3's coming around the corner.

Lilliput 5" LCD

The new Lilliput 5" monitor(s) go by 569H or 569GL and are compatible with the typical Sony / Panasonic batteries. It can be powered via external DC, 1/4x20 threaded inserts on both sides and bottom, come with a sunshade, Hotshoe Mount Ball, a resolution of 800x480, headphone monitoring out, and also have HDMI input (optional HDMI output / pass through). This is a new series of monitors not yet released and pre-orders are listed below.

Screen shot 2011-06-07 at 7.56.16 AM
find-price-button Lilliput 5" LCD HMDI Monitor 569GL

Of course if shaving off 2" isn't an important thing for you, there doesn't seem to be much difference in features over the very similar 7" versions (which are cheaper). The 7" version doesn't have the Sony/Panasonic battery adapters, but outside of that they might be similar. You might want to give those a peek as a refresher: [Thanks Ruben]