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Here's an overview of the Aputure V-Converter Extra Scope product that takes an HDMI input and outputs a variety of overlays to any HDMI monitor, display, or television.

When the Aputure V-Converter product was first announced, the specs listed it would take a 1080p input, but only output a 720p signal. A recent firmware upgrade now allows the unit to output to full 1080p. I'm sure all the new products shipped will have this update, but if you need to download it, check the Aputure website (here).

The V-Converter can be powered from a Built-in lithium battery, but it's not a product I think fits the run-gun type shooter. With a $340+ price tag, mobile shooters may want to just look into a portable LCD monitor with these features already built in.
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In my opinion, the V-Converter is a product that will mainly appeal to those who will be working on set, in a studio type environment, or on location that requires a large stationary monitor. It will be helpful in any setting in which you need to look across the room, check exposure, see if audio levels are peaking, and what's currently in focus. It may be a product that compliments video shooters who have a workflow streaming Wireless HDMI Video (like with these Radian Pro Kits).

Aputure V-Converter Extra Scope Review Cheesycam

Considering how cheap large LCD HD televisions are these days, this little product can add-on big features normally only found on very very expensive studio monitors. You can find more info about the Aputure V-Converter HDMI Extra Scope (here).

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The video community is running wild with all types of samples from the new Magic Lantern hack that enables RAW output from the Canon 5D Mark III (and soon other cams). The guys over there are doing some amazing work, so make sure you stop by and donate to get this project moving faster. The 11 stops of dynamic range pulled from a full frame sensor camera is an amazing combination to have.

I'm guessing once the ML menus have been refined and the workflow to process the RAW images becomes easier, this will create a second wave demand on the 5D Mark III. If you're looking for one, the Canon 5D Mark III currently retails for $3400+ (no current rebates), so as a reminder there are still deals available for Brand New, USA Warranty, Canon 5D Mark III cameras at below $2890 (check here).

Canon 5D Mark III
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You guys are probably already all over this one, but it's worth a post here on the blog [Thanks Tom]. This may not be true HDR for the super technical term, but this new feature in Magic Lantern provides a higher dynamic range between shadows and highlights. Multiple exposures, a bit of post work, and interpolated frames, there's more details on work flow and which cameras are supported at the video link:


For you Magic Lantern junkies, here's a DIY video from Vimeo member Moritz Graeser on using the USB port to monitor audio from the camera. Of course if you're already using an external LCD monitor with a headphone jack, disregard. The instructions aren't super clear, but from a USB connector, you'll probably be using the middle two wires. Green cable being 'data -' and the white cable being 'data+'. The outer wires normally red and black are for Power.

On another note, shouldn't a basic Mini USB to 3.5mm Adapter for 0.99 cents + Free Shipping work too? Maybe i'm missing something though..
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