Magic Lantern’s new HDR Feature

You guys are probably already all over this one, but it's worth a post here on the blog [Thanks Tom]. This may not be true HDR for the super technical term, but this new feature in Magic Lantern provides a higher dynamic range between shadows and highlights. Multiple exposures, a bit of post work, and interpolated frames, there's more details on work flow and which cameras are supported at the video link:

14 thoughts on “Magic Lantern’s new HDR Feature

  1. kevin

    @ Tyler
    Yes, the HDR hack was t3i only at first. But the entire ML package isn't 100% for t3i yet, ie audio control and some glitches with the 3-10x zoom

    7d has no love for ML

  2. MN

    Needs a static lens shot to work (or motion duplication)

    Y'all are aware of this, right?

    It's not anything terribly complicated. It's a common post production trick with a new twist.

  3. N.K.Osborne

    Yep. Waiting on the post-production videos. Some ghosting can be seen if you pause the video, nothing too major though. Amazing what they do.

  4. Jerry

    Wowww!!! This is amazing. It looks kind of soft, but it is just amazing what the DSLR community developes as a group. I can´t believe how far Magic Lantern has gone in this past year! Man, they should have these guys working at Canon with their firmware. If they are doing this for free and with little to no resources, imagine what they could do with all the tech and money Canon has?
    Thanks for sharing Emm!!!

  5. Diego

    This is exactly what I needed for a christmas float that I will be filming on the 23rd. Talk about perfect timing, thanks Emm.

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