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Lilliput 9.7 inch LCD HDMI Monitor
Lilliput 9.7" LCD HDMI Monitor

While there's an obsession for smaller and smaller high resolution HDMI LCD Monitors, Lilliput's latest release is a huge 9.7" IPS LCD Field Monitor. That's about as large as an iPad screen. Besides having all the standard software features you'd expect like Peaking Filter, False Color, Exposure Zebras, and a Histrogram, this new 9.7" LCD stands as their first Professional Field Monitor and current Flagship Product with a variety of inputs including (2) HDMI Inputs and (1) HDMI Output.

Lilliput Monitor 9.7" Field HDMI
HDMI LCD Monitor 9.7" Lilliput Field

Can be powered through popular Sony batteries, or through Canon LP-E6 with a battery plate adapter. Folding sunshade, simple Analog Dials for adjustments, and Gimbal Yoke for easy re-positioning. I really like where this is going, as I can see myself using a larger monitor on many occasions. You can find more photos, details, and specs from the new Flagship Lilliput Field Monitor over at eBay (Click Here).

Lilliput LCD HDMI 9.7" DSLR Video MonitorLilliput 9.7" HDMI LCD Monitor
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