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Lilliput 569H 569GL

Thanks to Ruben for this new piece of information. Looks like Lilliput wants to play in the 5" HDMI LCD market. With cameras looking to compete in the 'smaller' form factor, i'm sure we'll be seeing more and more in the 5" range. I guess a 7" LCD monitor might look a bit crazy on the new Sony NEX or Panasonic GF3's coming around the corner.

Lilliput 5" LCD

The new Lilliput 5" monitor(s) go by 569H or 569GL and are compatible with the typical Sony / Panasonic batteries. It can be powered via external DC, 1/4x20 threaded inserts on both sides and bottom, come with a sunshade, Hotshoe Mount Ball, a resolution of 800x480, headphone monitoring out, and also have HDMI input (optional HDMI output / pass through). This is a new series of monitors not yet released and pre-orders are listed below.

Screen shot 2011-06-07 at 7.56.16 AM
find-price-button Lilliput 5" LCD HMDI Monitor 569GL

Of course if shaving off 2" isn't an important thing for you, there doesn't seem to be much difference in features over the very similar 7" versions (which are cheaper). The 7" version doesn't have the Sony/Panasonic battery adapters, but outside of that they might be similar. You might want to give those a peek as a refresher: http://cheesycam.com/7-hdmi-lcd-w-internal-battery/. [Thanks Ruben]