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Here's something pretty interesting that reader Nathan Smith shares for an external HDMI Monitor. The Motorola Lapdock is used to connect to Android phones via HDMI and provides a keyboard, larger screen, two USB ports, and more. The Lapdock also has an internal battery that claims an 8 hour life span. Well the Lapdock never really took off as a product, and now you can find them on clearance or at discounted prices. Nathan was lucky enough to grab one for around $59 dollars. So what does this have to do with DSLR Video and cameras?

There were a few forums that claimed the Lapdock will perform as a normal HDMI screen with the right adapters and some videos have shown it being used with a Playstation. If you're wondering, the Lapdock has a Micro Male HDMI connection, so you'll need a female Micro HDMI to start with. Here Nathan proves that with the right cables, you can even use it to display the HDMI signal from your camera. Can't beat that for $59 bucks.

I also found this interesting because the Lapdock provides two USB ports. The Lapdock with it's internal rechargeable battery can be a remote monitor receiving the HD video feed and power the Asus through dual USB power without extra batteries (theory). I've updated the comments in this article with some information about the adapter and cable you'll probably need. Anyways, it's a neat idea and could be a fun thing to have with the clearance prices, but the only thing i'm still unsure of is the exact model that Nathan is using. [Update] He's using the Atrix 4G Lapdock and you can find the Lapdocks online via Amazon (click here)

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The SmallHD DP6 is a serious monitor with some seriously cool features. The price tag may not hit home for the starting shooter, but if you're shopping for a monitor around the 5" mark, the SmallHD puts most others to shame. We're not talking your average 800x480 resolution (yes check those LCD specs carefully), we're talking about a true HD display at 1280x800. The housing is milled aluminum, much like how a MacBook pro is built. It's solid, but at the same time lightweight. Especially if you're shooting with Canon, the DP6 monitor has special features designed to scale video signals for Canon DSLRs which don't usually output in Full HD.


Don't be afraid to step into something that could get outdated quickly. SmallHD has put some forward thinking into their products with a USB port and 2GB thumb drive to make sure you can download and install any new firmware updates. Two features you won't find in cheaper monitors include False Color to help you check for clipping blacks or blown highlights, Peaking to help you ensure things are in focus. If you rely heavily on external monitoring from your video camera, you'll need something better than good, and the SmallHD is a great solid product. SmallHD will also be releasing a new DP4 - 4" LCD specifically designed to be used with a ViewFinder Loupe entering the EVF market. More about SmallHD products can be found at https://smallhd.com


Ultra Short HDMI Mini HDMI

The SmallHD is an awesome little monitor, but the HDMI cable run along side the camera looks pretty ugly. Time to invest in some short cables. Here's a few inexpensive short HDMI to Mini HDMI cables that should clean things up. Now it's just a matter of waiting for them to ship...

Screen shot 2011-04-13 at 11.43.39 PM
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LCDVF (1 of 7)

Just some images comparing the latest DSLR View finder. - This is the Carry Speed VFinder next to the much more expesive LCDVF. The VFinder is a bit larger the LCDVF, but also has a much more comfortable Eye Cup. Neither loupes have a diopter feature and are mounted to the camera via metal sticky frame and magnets on the loupe. Both versions are available for 4:3 and 3:2 LCD screens from Canon T2i to Canon 7D. Of course the new VFinder is much much cheaper..

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Whoa! Big ups to Jeff Pepito, for this awesome new product. Jeff mentions his is on it's way, and hopefully he'll do a review for us when it comes in over at https://jeffpepito.com.

Doesn't that image above look OEM and sexy? We've all been going back and forth about LCD Viewfinders falling off, and how mounting it with these sticky frames just aren't cutting it. After a period of time, the adhesion from the metal frames will eventually wear out, and umm..putting a stronger adhesive on can damage your cameras LCD (not a good thing).

Just a few days ago people shared the idea of using an LCD 'Shade', breaking off the plastic tabs, and permanently gluing the the Viewfinder. This seems to be a popular solution I continued to suggest, but there's a new product in town!

With or without an LCD Viewfinder, why would you even go without having something like this? It's glass, it protects your cameras LCD, it's not plastic like the LCD hood shades, and it's cheap! Apparently they even put alot of effort into the quality of the glass to ensure optimal clarity (there's a whole bunch of graphs and mumbo jumbo clarity tests). If you look closely at the above image, it also seems to have a cutout for the T2i / 550D 'Proximity Sensor', definitely nice crafting. Well played glass LCD protector......well played indeed...

* Manufactured from 0.5mm ultra-thin optical glass with at least 90% light transmission to ensure maximum clarity.
* explosion-proof film that ensure maximum resistance to impact damage ( up to 12kg/cm2) , preventing damage to the rear LCD.
* Specially treated to maximise hardness and durability to resist scratching.
* The durable black ABS surround is designed to blend in with the camera ensuring that the protector remains a discrete but effective accessory.
* Anti-fog and anti-dust designed viewfinder, good for your photography.
* Easy to fit, remove and re-fit at any time. Supplied with a handy storage box.

*Oh new found glass lcd protector - you had me at Scratch resistant, Anti Fog, and Explosion-Proof film.

So if you're going to rock one (two or three) of these to protect your camera(s), it will act as the 'Perfect' mount for any LCD view finder metal sticky frame permanently attached. Clear quality glass, and a quality fix to prevent those poor adhesive frames from falling off ever again. You can find the variety of these Glass LCD protectors for Canon and Nikon by clicking here.

find-price-button Glass LCD Screen Protector Available for 5D Mark II, 7D, and yes people even the 550D / T2i



Wow, thanks Serge! This is a cool looking little gadget that Serge sent in for me to look at. It's not HD, but i'm assuming it's close to the resolution on the DSLR itself. A bit smaller in size at 2.5", but with some type of magnification this would be the solution that I mentioned LCD ViewFinders would be heading towards. With this type of simple setup offset shoulder rigs would be a thing of the past. The camera can remain mounted anywhere and the LCD + LCD View Finder can be moved into eye position by a simple articulating arm.

Depending on how long the cord is, this would work as a lightweight monitor for smaller Jibs / Crane type setups for 'framing' (not sure about focus pulling). It has it's own rechargeable battery pack too, but can accept DC power. A very cool function is that it acts like a Remote Shutter!(shutter function may only be for photography) Wow this is an excellent addition to the Palo Alto adapter for those low aerial shots. I can totally use this for framing shots while the camera is 10' feet high!. Very cool small lightweight product that i'm excited to get my hands on and the price is ridiculous! Oh, before posting this I did place my order in case they run out. Check out the new Remote LCD for DSLR video by clicking here.

Update:: They emailed me asking what Canon camera I have. They mentioned they have cables to support the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and T2i. I hope they ship fast, i'm interested in showing what this looks like with a video review.