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Whoa! Big ups to Jeff Pepito, for this awesome new product. Jeff mentions his is on it's way, and hopefully he'll do a review for us when it comes in over at

Doesn't that image above look OEM and sexy? We've all been going back and forth about LCD Viewfinders falling off, and how mounting it with these sticky frames just aren't cutting it. After a period of time, the adhesion from the metal frames will eventually wear out, and umm..putting a stronger adhesive on can damage your cameras LCD (not a good thing).

Just a few days ago people shared the idea of using an LCD 'Shade', breaking off the plastic tabs, and permanently gluing the the Viewfinder. This seems to be a popular solution I continued to suggest, but there's a new product in town!

With or without an LCD Viewfinder, why would you even go without having something like this? It's glass, it protects your cameras LCD, it's not plastic like the LCD hood shades, and it's cheap! Apparently they even put alot of effort into the quality of the glass to ensure optimal clarity (there's a whole bunch of graphs and mumbo jumbo clarity tests). If you look closely at the above image, it also seems to have a cutout for the T2i / 550D 'Proximity Sensor', definitely nice crafting. Well played glass LCD protector......well played indeed...

* Manufactured from 0.5mm ultra-thin optical glass with at least 90% light transmission to ensure maximum clarity.
* explosion-proof film that ensure maximum resistance to impact damage ( up to 12kg/cm2) , preventing damage to the rear LCD.
* Specially treated to maximise hardness and durability to resist scratching.
* The durable black ABS surround is designed to blend in with the camera ensuring that the protector remains a discrete but effective accessory.
* Anti-fog and anti-dust designed viewfinder, good for your photography.
* Easy to fit, remove and re-fit at any time. Supplied with a handy storage box.

*Oh new found glass lcd protector - you had me at Scratch resistant, Anti Fog, and Explosion-Proof film.

So if you're going to rock one (two or three) of these to protect your camera(s), it will act as the 'Perfect' mount for any LCD view finder metal sticky frame permanently attached. Clear quality glass, and a quality fix to prevent those poor adhesive frames from falling off ever again. You can find the variety of these Glass LCD protectors for Canon and Nikon by clicking here.

find-price-button Glass LCD Screen Protector Available for 5D Mark II, 7D, and yes people even the 550D / T2i

29 thoughts on “New Glass LCD Protector Canon & Nikon

  1. Hi,

    I use a Canon 600D T3i and LCDVF, as it is a vari-angle lcd. I have a tripod mount screw-in metal plate to attach it. I'm using more and more tripod, steadicam gear etc.. and am finding the plate a bit flimsy to attach a quick-release plate onto the small circular plate on the lcd mount.

    There does not seem to be a version of this specifically for the T3i... Will a T2i version work for my T3i? It has the same 3" 3:2 screen but is it in the same place or have the same measurements from the viewfinder to lcd for it to work?

    (I hope so, because this would work great for me needs)


  2. B V

    no way would I ever buy a glass lcd protector... again got a really nice one with schott glass broke and was hard to get off the lcd had to get a friend to get it off my D2X that I had just paid $5500 for. My D3 has taken a pounding like no other camera at over 800k shot taken. LCD looks perfect. spend your money on something smarter. JMHO.

  3. But hmm, if i attach and LCDVF viewfinder to this screen protector permanently, won't there be a focus issue? since technically, however thick that protector is, thats how much further the lcd viewfinder now is from the lcd?

  4. Rory

    seems there are a few versions of this now. one with the sticky 3m stuff and one that mounts just via the eye piece.. using the one via the eye piece, is it sturdy enough to use the lcd view finders?

  5. steve

    i also have 20/20 vision really sorry for all these post. i should be more clear before i post something.

  6. steve

    sorry for the 2nd comment but i just tried it out with my seagull viewfinder andthe added space between the lcd protector and the seagull vf makes it impossible to focus the vf with the dioptre.

  7. steve

    good for the lcd BAD FOR EYEPIECE. the product was not made for the eye piece i tested this thing in doors and i can see a lot of glare from all the lights. or is it just my eyepiece?

  8. Andy

    I bought one of these GGS screen protectors for my 5D2. It looks nice and seems well made. The fit on the eyecup flange is pretty tight. I'm using it with the sticky frame of the Zacuto Z-finder. The frame for the Z-finder hangs off the sides a bit so there isn't as much surface area for the adhesive. It looks like it will still work and the adhesive seems very strong though. I'm just glad I'm not sticking it to the back of my camera. Thanks for the heads up on this!

  9. Mike

    This is the 3rd thing I've bought tonight, just from reading this blog. Man, and I'm not even counting the visit I'll be making to my neighborhood Lowes/Home Depot to look at parts for that cool DIY fig rig.

  10. William

    Finally got the LCDVF mounting frame on this protector. Of all the 3 types of protectors I used this is the best. Frame fits on perfect. Had problems at first gluing. THe only drawback on this is with the lcdvf on it the protector can move a little. The fit on the camera has a little play. Try not to shift the LCDVF too much when fitted on your eye.

  11. William

    Received mine today. Hope this works with LCDVF mounting plate. This is my 3rd attempt at using different lcd protectors. Tried the pop up shade that was mentioned in an earlier article but the size is too small for the LCDVF mounting frame to fit on it. If this doesn't work then Im using exopy and be done with it. Time to rub the buddha belly for luck.

  12. Lawrence

    Mine arrived today in the UK. Shipping time was a couple of weeks.

    Very neat, looks very nice quality for the price. Even the packaging was top notch:-)

  13. Emm

    Post author

    It slide upwards, and the glass slides back down. Then you attach the eyepiece over the glass.

  14. Jordan

    So this might be a dumb question... but do you have to remove the original rubber backing surrounding the eyepiece (7D).

    I;ve been playing around with it for awhile but don't want to screw anything up.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    There might be someone selling an aftermarket Canon Logo sticker to place over the glass. LOL

  16. Brett

    Just got mine today. Looks great on the 7D(at least it doesn't detract from the looks as it blends right in). The glass seems to work great. It doesn't seem to affect viewing the lcd at all. Great little product for cheap $$.

    The only problem I see is that it covers the Canon logo on the back of the 7D. I don't pay all the money to have my logos covered up thank you very much!!!

  17. William

    I guess I will buy this one as well after buying two other different types of screen protectors. This has a nicer look and it appears that it will work with the LCDVF mounting plate.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    I think they just wanted their adhesive to be on the camera and not the adhesive of an LCD protector. Since you have to pull it on and off, it can pull the protector off. This type of protector should be strong enough with the it's design.

  19. Sean

    I just purchased one of these as well, thanks for the heads up. I was planning on still using the sticky frame attached to this screen protector, rather than directly on the camera (so it doesn't potentially gunk up the display).

    I guess my only question is does anyone see potential downsides to doing it this way? Is there any reason the adhesive on the sticky frame wouldn't work as well on this glass protector, or any such notion? It just seems like a cheap fix to keep the DSLR as mint as possible, and although the LCDVF manual advises against a screen protector I think it was more meant towards the plastic variety.

  20. If only I saw this earlier in the week before I bought the lens hood after your recommendation with the LCDVF...oh well just added this to the list of purchase's aswell, anyone want a brandnew lens hood:)

  21. Brett

    I have to stop going to your site. $20 impulse buy here. $20 DIY project there. $1400 Camera upgrade here. $40 doohicky. Not good for the walet or the wife!

    Great job keep it up!

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