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Check out this deal for a Canon T3i with 18-55mm IS II Lens + 55-250mm Lens + 75-300mm + 32GB SanDisk Memory Card + 2% Rewards all for just $669. Most of the savings are from the bundled lenses. Once you visit the product page, there's another link that I clicked on and it showed a FINAL PRICE of the Canon 70-300mm lens for just $7.00 dollars. Might be worth taking a look over at the product page via B&H (click here)

Here's the steps to see the savings:

add T3i w/ 18-55mm and 32GB SanDisk Memory Card to cart
and add 55-250mm Lens to cart
and add 75-300mm Lens to cart
Proceed to checkout
Total should be $669 + 2% Rewards with free shipping

find-price-button Canon T3i,18-55mm IS II Lens,55-250mm,75-300mm,32GB SDHC, + 2% Rewards

Daily Deal on Canon T3i DSLR with 18-55mm Kit Lens going on right now. The Canon T3i is still listing for $629 on Amazon (seen here)
and listed for $599 over at B&H (seen here). The deal today will drop that Canon T3i with an 18-55mm IS II kit lens another $100 dollars off down to $499 via eBay (click here).

Canon T3i Kit Lens
find-price-button Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR w/ Kit Lens 18-55mm IS


Ok, so I have the new Canon EOS T4i, and what always bugs me about these LP-E8 chargers is the long cord that's messy to pack up. A while back Kay shared this tip with the Canon T2i chargers, and it still applies to the Canon T3i and Canon T4i. If you had just a few of these chargers, you can see how messy those long cords would be on a single power strip. This little tip keeps things easy and neat, and easy to pack up. These plug adapters for Apple chargers can be found for about $3 bucks + Free Prime Shipping (Click Here).

find-price-button Apple AC Wall Adapter


What can I say? It's simple, it works. As you can see it works on the GH2 perfectly without losing view of the entire LCD. Of course it works on the T3i and 60D. The velcro design and stretchy neoprene means it's adjustable to fit a variety of different cameras or even a variety of different view finders. I'm not sure about applying pressure onto the LCD while it's swiveled outwards, but for anyone that has worked outdoors in bright daylight, it's a good way to keep the function of the swivel LCD while acting as a sunshade / VF. $10 dollar tool that folds flat taking up no extra space in the bag. Heck why not. Found via Amazon (Click here)

swi-view-lcdswi-view viewfinderScreen shot 2011-09-25 at 10.13.07 AM
find-price-button CarrySpeed Swi-View LCD ViewFinder Neoprene Adapter


Another DSLR bundle deal of the day, this time it's the Canon T3i with 18-55mm kit lens, a 50mm F/1.8, and a 55-250mm. I think it ends today. More information, find it below.

find-price-button Canon T3i DSLR Bundle with Three Lens


This time around the Deal of the Day is the Canon EOS Rebel T3i
(not T3). The bundle comes with 3 lenses, which is the kit 18-55mm IS, a Canon EF 55-200mm, and the most popular lens for entry level shooters, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. Also included is a 16GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC card, Zeikos cleaning kit, and DigPro DSLR bag. You can find this Deal of the Day (click here).

Canon T3i Bundle
find-price-button Canon T3i Deal of the Day Bundle


A look at how the latest version CarrySpeed VFinder attaches to a Canon 60D with that swivel out screen. Right off the bat the metal frames might not line up perfectly, but they are easy to bend into position. If you want something super secure, I say permanently glue the sucker to the metal QR frame.

The 3:2 viewfinder fits perfectly on this Canon 60D and it is slightly slotted to fit the Canon T3i as well. The CarrySpeed viewfinders come with a Neoprene pouch, a Lanyard, Metal Frame, and the VFinder loupe. Not a bad deal for an important tool to help you set focus and dial in proper exposure (especially on those bright days). You might want to add some Anti Fog solution too.

find-price-button Canon 60D / Canon T3i LCD ViewFinder Quick Frame

[Update] Also available via Amazon below
find-price-button CarrySpeed LCD ViewFinder


Screen shot 2011-06-10 at 7.05.14 PMLCD VF CarrySpeed VFinder
find-price-button LCD View Finder for Canon T2i, 5D Mark II, 7D and other 3" LCD's

In order to save your swing out LCD on your Canon 60D or T3i, CarrySpeed looks to have added a new metal frame that doesn't stick to the glass. This new version attaches under the camera at the tripod mount, but still keeps one available in case you need to go to monopod / tripod mode. A nice touch for those who have problems with the metal sticky falling off, or for those who still want to flip the LCD back into the DSLR body for protection.

Heck, why not just permanently glue that sucker onto the Metal frame? You'll have a solid LCD ViewFinder for sure, and with a twist of a knob, it's off when you need it off. Oh and there's a pretty hefty price drop going on..

find-price-button LCD View Finder for Canon T2i, 5D Mark II, 7D and other 3" LCD's

Also Available via Amazon
New LCD View Finder for Canon T2i, 5D Mark II, 7D and other 3″ LCD’s



(Above) Was my first image of my Canon T3i fitted with a Letus Hawk View Finder. Yes it fits quite nicely, and they make it in the proper aspect ratio for the 3:2 LCD screen. What I didn't have was the riser for a battery grip. Here's a gallery (below) from reader HD-Tography showing you the fit and the fashion of the Letus Hawk Aluminum ViewFinder, on the new Canon T3i, with Small Oval BlueStar EyePiece, on Gini Rails offset with a bit of Easom, with the cheap Shoulder Support. Sweet example of many of the items covered in this blog and  looks pretty solid.

[Ok guys, this is more of an example of the Letus Hawk ViewFinder with Battery grip riser adapter on T3i, so please don't start submitting your rigs. We'll save that for another time...]

Here's the direct links to the products if you have a Canon T3i with Battery grip and looking to rock the Letus Hawk VF too. If you have questions, you can always contact the support team @ LetusDirect.com

Letus Hawk DSLR Viewfinder - Aluminum 3:2 (with Canon T2i/550D Riser)

Shown beside the Universal Pro Mount (IMPORTANT: Low Profile Version for T3i Battery Grip)

Also shown is the Hawk Eye Cushion (Red micro fiber)

and the Letus Direct Lanyard