Canon T4i 650D


Just got news that B&H has an additional $100 off the Canon T4i with 18-55mm Lens Kit. The Canon Rebel T4i is the first Rebel to take advantage of Canon's latest Digic processor for lower noise at higher ISO and includes a Vari-angle TouchScreen LCD. You can also set manual audio levels when using external microphones, and there is full time Auto Focus in video mode. You won't see the discount until you've clicked the 'See Item in Car' button. Here's an image of what I see.

Canon T4i 18-55mm

Just in case anyone out there was about to purchase one, here's the link to the listing currently on sale (Click Here).

Canon T4i 650D
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It's been up for a few hours, but here's an excellent deal on the Canon T4i with 18-55mm IS II kit lens. Normally found for over $800 (as seen here), the Daily Deal has it available for $599.99 + FREE SHIPPING via eBay (click here).

[Update] Deal Expired

Canon T4i 650D
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I wanted to test out this cheap variable ND filter from Fotga (found here on eBay), and so I purchased a small 46mm filter to fit my Sigma E-Mount lens on the Sony NEX7. Major major fail today because I left that camera at home.

So today I just held it in front of the Canon 40mm F/2.8 pancake shooting with the T4i. I wanted to see if there was a purplish color cast (normally found on cheap variable ND filters), but was very relieved to see it didn't! My camera was set to manual at 1/50th shutter speed, F/2.8, and ISO 100. You'll see a section of the video where I pull the filter away. To keep this ideal shutter speed and still shoot at a wide aperture, you can see how overexposed the camera would be without an ND filter.

The next test everyone is wondering about would be loss of sharpness, especially when shooting at longer focal lengths. Unfortunately I only ordered a 46mm which doesn't fit any of my longer lenses. It looks pretty good so far, so i'll place another order for a 77mm filter size. I'm happy with this $13.00 dollar purchase, even though it took several weeks to arrive, it's a perfect little ND filter for my little Sigma 30mm F/2.8.

Fotga Variable ND Filter
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For every other Canon DSLR camera like the 7D, 5D Mark II, 60D, and 5D Mark III you'll need a totally different grip. One good thing about the Rebel series cameras is that they continue to share the same LP-E8 battery type along with the same BG-E8 Battery Grip. A cheap BG-E8 grip for the T2i, T3i, and T4i with decent reviews can be found on Amazon and comes with two extra batteries (Click Here).

Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 4.04.35 PM
find-price-button T2i, T3i, T4i BG-E8 Grip + 2 LP-E8 Batteries


A few days ago I received the latest Canon 40mm F/2.8 STM Pancake lens. The lens runs under $200 dollars on B&H (here) and delivers some stunning images. A little dark around the edges on full frame cameras, but it's very nice and lightweight for traveling photographers. A few people have commented about using it for video, and there's focus noise that you need to account for.

If you're shooting with an external audio recorder, or even a remote wireless LAV, you need not be concerned. I'm usually aware of in camera noise that gets picked up, especially when shooting with the loud Image Stabilization motors on the 24-105mm F/4L. The 40mm F/2.8 noise is heard in auto focus and even when the lens is switched to manual focus. If you're planning on using in camera audio, then check out video.



Received the new Canon 40mm F/2.8 STM pancake lens from B&H today. Wow, I really like it. Sure, it was made with their STM tech for full time auto focus in video mode for the new EOS T4i, but put all that aside, there's just no other options for Canon shooters who want a super low profile lens with auto focus.

Canon-STM-40mm-PanCake-F28 (2 of 8)  Canon-STM-40mm-PanCake-F28 (5 of 8)

I mounted the 40mm to the Canon 5D Mark III Full Frame camera, and you can see how the edges have a slight vignette (darker around edges). I personally like the look of this, and might consider this to be a more stylized lens for full frame cameras. If you want to have even exposure throughout the image, you can always program this lens into Adobe Lightroom's Lens Correction feature. On a T4i or other cropped cameras, you will see less of this vignetting.

Canon-STM-40mm-PanCake-F28 (6 of 8)  Canon-STM-40mm-PanCake-F28 (1 of 8)

It's too bad Canon doesn't have a smaller mirrorless body available (yet). As you can see from the image below, when placed on to the Canon T4i, the camera is about the same width as my Sony NEX-7 + Sigma 30mm (seen on the left). There's another example of how small this 40mm pancake lens looks on a Canon 5D (on the right).

photo 3photo 2

The 40mm focal length is a good distance for this type of lens, and it was a focal range Canon was missing in their lineup. It's not too close and not too wide. It's lightweight, fast, and low profile to fit into small bags for traveling.

Canon-STM-40mm-PanCake-F28 (3 of 8)  Canon-STM-40mm-PanCake-F28 (4 of 8)

Canon-STM-40mm-PanCake-F28 (7 of 8)  Canon-STM-40mm-PanCake-F28 (8 of 8)

Rokinon 35mm vs Canon 40mm. Close focal distance, major size difference.

With a max aperture of F/2.8 it's not the fastest lens in Canon's line, but the build quality is great and the price is right at only $199. I highly suggest trying this lens out, and because it takes up minimal space in the bag, there's a good chance you'll want this with you all the time. They were out of stock on initial release, but are currently available via B&H (Click Here).

Canon 40mm STM Pancake
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Home for the day, so I decided to see if I had the skills to fly the Skyler MiniCam Video Camera Stabilizer while riding a Gyro-Stabilized Motorized UniCycle called the SoloWheel (found here on eBay).

Skyler-MiniCam  Solo Wheel Steadicam Segway Self Balancing Gryo Stabilized

Just in case something disastrous were to happen, I felt comfortable trying this test out with Canon's latest EOS T4i (not the 5D Mark III) and was a good excuse to see how the Auto Focus would work with the Sigma 20mm F/1.8.

Canon T4i VariAngle LCD  simga-20mm

Besides not being a very skilled SoloWheel rider, the breeze against the Vari-Angle LCD threw the little Skyler off balance. So it wasn't a truly successful test, but at least I didn't eat pavement...


If you were just about to purchase a Canon 60D, you can knock off another $100 dollars off current retail price (Body Only) new with USA Warranty. I was early to test out the Canon T4i, but the Canon 60D is still a far better camera in many many ways. With this discount on today's eBay Daily Deal, the 60D comes in cheaper than the Rebel T4i. Check it out (Click Here)

Canon 60D
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If you're not quite ready to go that route, there's also about a $100 dollar discount on the Canon T3i Kit with Lens USA Warranty - New (Click Here)

Canon T3i Discount Deal
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Ok, so I have the new Canon EOS T4i, and what always bugs me about these LP-E8 chargers is the long cord that's messy to pack up. A while back Kay shared this tip with the Canon T2i chargers, and it still applies to the Canon T3i and Canon T4i. If you had just a few of these chargers, you can see how messy those long cords would be on a single power strip. This little tip keeps things easy and neat, and easy to pack up. These plug adapters for Apple chargers can be found for about $3 bucks + Free Prime Shipping (Click Here).

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