Canon 60D Body Daily Deal

If you were just about to purchase a Canon 60D, you can knock off another $100 dollars off current retail price (Body Only) new with USA Warranty. I was early to test out the Canon T4i, but the Canon 60D is still a far better camera in many many ways. With this discount on today's eBay Daily Deal, the 60D comes in cheaper than the Rebel T4i. Check it out (Click Here)

Canon 60D
find-price-button Canon EOS 60D Body USA Warranty New

If you're not quite ready to go that route, there's also about a $100 dollar discount on the Canon T3i Kit with Lens USA Warranty - New (Click Here)

Canon T3i Discount Deal
find-price-button Canon EOS Rebel T3i - Daily Deal

7 thoughts on “Canon 60D Body Daily Deal

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - I think if they can get ML working on the T4i the new Digic processors could yield some interesting results. The only problem is how long will that take to have a stable build, work out the bugs, and have a fast workflow with ML firmware on the camera. That could easily be 6 months or longer from now.

  2. Tony

    Well Emm makes some great points. But it is believed ML will work on the T4i according to the site. They are just waiting for a firmware update. That will take care of ISO and WBK adjustments. Also, isnt the t4i offering a smidgen better ISO noise performace with DIGIC5? Speaking of that... you a non-crop hdmi out for monitors and ML had determined that the this chip sends a fullhd signal to the image raw buffer. Well, have to see just how badass the t4i gets once injected.

  3. That makes sense. I've been using a variety of Canon cameras for a client, and even for the stuff I'm doing, the difference between the Rebel cams and the other higher end Canons is apparent - especially with the ISOs as you mention. I had always wondered why so much DSLR footage I see out there is poorly exposed, and this lack of versatility must be the answer.

    Great to see that the 60D has the flip out LCD. I will be using that extensively! So it seems like a no brainer. Thanks for turning us on to this sale.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @bohus - The camera body is only a small part of the whole package. Lenses, lighting, and good audio tools are other things to consider. Canon is very strategic with their new camera releases, making sure they don't cannibalize their existing products. Basically, they added a few neat features, and purposely limited other features, and overall the T4i Rebel was not designed to be better than the 60D. It's just another camera in their product line that reaches a different audience. Oh and if you're thinking about using ML, that makes the 60D even better than it already is.

  5. Very interesting, especially considering I was about to pull the trigger on a t4i today. I was really looking forward to that "silent zoom" lens they rolled out with the t4i. Is it compatible with the 60D? Are there any t4i pros I'm missing out on by going 60D? Better audio? Looks like Magic Lantern will work...

    Sorry for all the Q's, but after years of using every kind of video camera, this DSLR thing is still kind of new to me.

    Thanks for advice!

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - No manual Kelvin white balance, and like other Rebel cameras, the ISO basically doubles every time. So you'll go from ISO 1600 straight to 3200., whereas the 60D can do increments in between for a bit more fine tuning of your exposure. The 60D also feels more robust where the T4i still has a plastic feel to the body. When comparing the prices where the 60D is about the same as a T4i, I highly suggest going for the 60D.

  7. Tony

    Hey Emm, can you elaborate how and which ways the 60D is a "far better camera in many many ways" than the t4i? Pretty bold opinion and you used the word many twice! =)

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