Helpful Tip for Canon EOS T4i Charger

Ok, so I have the new Canon EOS T4i, and what always bugs me about these LP-E8 chargers is the long cord that's messy to pack up. A while back Kay shared this tip with the Canon T2i chargers, and it still applies to the Canon T3i and Canon T4i. If you had just a few of these chargers, you can see how messy those long cords would be on a single power strip. This little tip keeps things easy and neat, and easy to pack up. These plug adapters for Apple chargers can be found for about $3 bucks + Free Prime Shipping (Click Here).

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12 thoughts on “Helpful Tip for Canon EOS T4i Charger

  1. FredW

    This is a great idea.

    I just got my T4i, and was disappointed with the cord, which was not needed for the T1i charger that plugged directly into the wall.

    I wonder what Canon was thinking.

  2. You can also use the prongs off of the power brick that comes with the zi8 (TESA5G1) Unfourtunatly I can't find the prongs alone, but the whole brick costs as low as 7 bucks on ebay if you want a free usb charger as well. The prong is also black, so it looks nicer.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Martin Calvi - No. The LCD turns off and the touch screen is disabled when you have an external monitor.

  4. Martin Calvi

    Another question I have about the T4i (and I'm guessing the answer is a big NO)... Does the LCD stay on when connecting an external HDMI monitor?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Marcus V Warner - I tested it myself, and I don't think it's doing a 'clean' HDMI that can be recorded pixel by pixel. I'm still experiencing overlays.

  6. Marcus V Warner

    Have you done any testing of the clean out on the hdmi yet? Thats right... Clean 1080p output signal on the hdmi output.

    One thing no one has mentioned or seem to have tested... Does it drop resolution once you hit record?

  7. Joel

    Yeah, I've done this one, then I take the long cord from the Canon Charger, and use it on the ipad USB charger. It's helpful when you need the longer cord going from the iPad to the Couch.

  8. Greg

    Wow awesome idea, I never would have thought. It's annoying when the long cord gets in the way in a small camera case. Will try this out!

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