Add Grip to your Universal Lens Gear Spokes


Tommy Williamson had problems getting his D|Gear Universal Lens Gear to stay on the Canon 50mm F/1.8 lens. Who wouldn't? That focus ring is pretty slim. His solution was to dip the tips of the spokes in Plasti-Dip (normally used to coat the handles of tools). The Plasti-Dip is some very durable stuff, and comes in a variety of colors. [Thanks Tommy] The Black on Black looks invisible and keeps the unit looking the same. If you ask me, this should be something offered coming right from the factory. Pretty simple idea, but seems to make a world of difference to prevent the spokes from slipping out.

find-price-button Plasti-Dip Multi Purpose Rubber Coating

4 thoughts on “Add Grip to your Universal Lens Gear Spokes

  1. Rick Gates

    I slipped a thin rubber band around the focus ring and tightened up on that. Seems to work just fine.

  2. Keenan

    I wrapped a rubber band around the focus ring on my nikon 50mm that gave the gear a little more cushion to grip into.
    the nikon's focus ring is maybe twice as wide as that canon's though.

  3. j hanna

    I owned the 1.8 for a month or two before I upgraded.
    It's a fun cheap lens but loud and manual focusing was always annoying. Why is it canon's only sloped focus ring?
    Who at canon had that good idea?

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