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FYI, if you've been thinking about grabbing a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera capable of shooting RAW video, today is the last day [march 6th] for this deal. B&H is throwing in the Sandisk Extreme Pro (required for RAW video), along with two spare EN-EL20 batteries (you'll end up with a total of three) for FREE. Here's a link to the deal (link).

find-price-button Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Bundle + Sandisk + Batteries

In order to shoot with this camera, you will most likely be looking for a Cage/Rig system to mount additional accessories. Here's a small list of BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Cages which range from cage only, to full kits with Top handles, 15mm Rails, and HDMI pinch.



Tommy Williamson had problems getting his D|Gear Universal Lens Gear to stay on the Canon 50mm F/1.8 lens. Who wouldn't? That focus ring is pretty slim. His solution was to dip the tips of the spokes in Plasti-Dip (normally used to coat the handles of tools). The Plasti-Dip is some very durable stuff, and comes in a variety of colors. [Thanks Tommy] The Black on Black looks invisible and keeps the unit looking the same. If you ask me, this should be something offered coming right from the factory. Pretty simple idea, but seems to make a world of difference to prevent the spokes from slipping out.

find-price-button Plasti-Dip Multi Purpose Rubber Coating

Olivia gets a a run through with the newest D-Focus Follow Focus Version 3 and a sneak peek on the newly announced D-Matte DSLR Matte box that will be available from Jag35. Standard 4x4 filters will be accepted on this two stage system. One holder can rotate for Circular Polarizer use.

The D-Focus V3 is already available, and the D-Matte will be shortly following the link: Jag35 D-Matte and D-Focus Version 3

To see why the pricing on this new Matte Box could be a hit, check out the going rates for current ones below.
find-price-button Video Camera FIlter Holder Matte Boxes

Then again in the most simplest term, a Matte Box helps hold filters, and also aids in shading the glass. It is possible to get the same effect using Cokin P Series filters. These are inexpensive ways to get ND filters, gradient filters, and other creative filters in front of your lenses. Found below.

Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 8.47.30 AM
find-price-button Cokin Square Hood Stackable Filter Holders