Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Bundle + Sandisk + Batteries

FYI, if you've been thinking about grabbing a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera capable of shooting RAW video, today is the last day [march 6th] for this deal. B&H is throwing in the Sandisk Extreme Pro (required for RAW video), along with two spare EN-EL20 batteries (you'll end up with a total of three) for FREE. Here's a link to the deal (link).

find-price-button Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Bundle + Sandisk + Batteries

In order to shoot with this camera, you will most likely be looking for a Cage/Rig system to mount additional accessories. Here's a small list of BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Cages which range from cage only, to full kits with Top handles, 15mm Rails, and HDMI pinch.

4 thoughts on “Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Bundle + Sandisk + Batteries

  1. Nico

    Anyone try the Movcam out to see if it fits with the metabones speedboosters tripod foot? Im aware you can take it off but the extra support for longer lenses seems beneficial.

  2. J Toha

    Thanks for listing the BMPCC cage selection. I still reckon the Varavon one is pretty good. Too bad the prices are still somewhat above $300 for most of these cages (with handle and baseplate).

  3. VillageBoi

    Hi Emm, really like all the cages you added to the post. I'm torn between the Tilta, Vavaron and Tilcam cages. The Tilta is my preferred choice but I think it's been mentioned the HDMI lock blocks the 12V port? Is there any way around that?

  4. Hey Emm I'm here in New York and seen this deal in the BH news letter. So I just had to walk into BH and pull the trigger. I'm glad I got this deal. I now have a total of five 64 gig extreme pro cards and 7 batteries. I was able to walk all around NYC and shoot raw with plenty of power and record times.

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