Jag35 Slider Motorized

Jag35 has released their motorized slider to help you perform smooth and consistent movements across your tracking shots. Starting at around $299, the new slider can be purchased with or without the motor, along with optional leveling legs. Considering what you could spend to get a motorized slider kit together from other manufacturers, the price is not out of the ball park. I'd like to find out more about it's fastest and slowest speed time across the 24" or 36" track.

Product Description: The eagerly awaited Jag35 slider is here! This Afordable slider is constructed for the capability of capturing the smoothest quality images possible. It is made of solid durable aluminum, that has the capacity of withstanding up to 10 pounds of weight. The slider is also tripod mountable and can be mounted vertically for sliders with drag system capabilities. It has the available option of adding Leveling Legs for floor use and the selection of two portable lengths, 24" and 36". For more information, check out the product page. https://jag35.com/products/dslrproducts/slider.html.

Jag35 Motorized Slider
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500 LED light XLR adapter 12V batteryXLR battery 500 LED Light

I still get questions about affordable LED light panels, and these 500 LEDs are still a good option. The only problem is that the cheaper versions were never offered with a battery power solution, so they can be used off-the-grid on location. That's a huge part most people consider when shopping for LED lighting. Some of these 500 LED light panels (above) use an XLR DC power adapter that connects to AC (wall outlet). So it is very possible to run them from a battery, but the trick is finding the correct XLR DC power adapter cable.

If you didn't catch it in one of the comments, Derek shared that the Jag35 XLR cable is indeed a good fit. He was able to power through the XLR using a simple Canon LP-E6 battery (for about 30 minutes). Of course once you have the proper cable, there's no reason you couldn't use a coupler + Tekkeon Battery pack to give you much longer portable run time. Much like the Tekkeon + Coupler setup I used to power a camera. Just make sure that your LED light has the XLR input as seen in the back (above).

find-price-button Jag35 XLR Power Adapter cable

These lights were once very popular, but haven't been since the release of the newer 600/900/1200 LED panels, so you'll often find these older 500s on auction with low starting and no reserve pricing (click here).

500 LED light XLR adapter 12V battery
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Finally got around to playing with the Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus V2 prototype. First time getting it working (somewhat). There's a procedure you need to do before throwing on something like this on your camera, so i'll need to run through the manual and get things ironed out.

Each motor has a certain amount of rotation, so you have to line up your focus and zoom rings to have enough movement either direction. There's also adjustments that can be made for how much travel will be achieved when spinning the knob for focus or moving the slider for zoom. Not enough time tonight....

Rich writes in to share what the D|Runner Bundle from Jag35 is all about, parts optional parts available, and assembly. [Thanks Rich]. You can find more Jag35 DSLR rig products over at their website https://Jag35.com.

Jag35-D-Runner-Bundlejag35 dslr shoulder rigJag35 d-runner dslr rig



A few days ago I received a package from Jag35.com. I've been very excited about this, so what's in the box? Well the box was a bit larger than I expected, but that's because of the included rig that was shipped along with two motors. This is a prototype of their soon-to-be-available Wireless Follow Focus V2 system. The motors are essentially the same, but if you choose to run two motors, one can control the lens Zoom Ring and the other can control the Focus Ring. If you're shooting on a Prime, you would only need one.

Jag35-Rig-WFF-Follow-Focus-35 Jag35-Rig-WFF-Follow-Focus-36

This Jag35 rig in the box has one handle in front and one kitty-corner to the rear. A simple but effective way to stabilize for hand held shooting. I don't think this is a standard rig, but you can see the many different Jag35 Shoulder Rigs on their website (Click Here). One interesting part of the Jag35 rig is the anti-rotation lock screw. They are pre-drilled so that you can align a tiny set screw under the camera to prevent any movement. Because a follow focus gear must be perfectly lined up, any shifting of the camera position can cause problems. A nice little touch on the Jag35 base plate that you won't see very often on other rigs.

I don't have time to run through all the stuff right now, but i'm leaving you all with a few images out of the box of what all the new pieces look like. It's all custom metal housings on the WFF system, and all metal parts on the Rig. keep in mind that this is a very early prototype of the WFF V2, so things might change in the production model. More to come when I set this up (possibly tomorrow). BTW the gallery below has 2 pages of images.


From Vimeo member Freddy Cordova, a look at Jag35's latest product - a video camera slider. A roller bearing block rides on two rails, requires two stands for elevated use, and optional leveling legs for ground use. Options for length are 2' and 3'. You can check out pricing over at the Jag35.com website.

Jag35 has excellent quality and aesthetics in their products, but so far the price is on the high side, and still only has about the same functionality as the JuicedLink DIY Slider (here). The JuicedLink is cheaper because it does not come with any rods, but opens up the option for you to choose what type and length you need. Of course the Jag35 has the overall better finish. I know they were working on a motorized version a few months ago, so we'll see how where it goes from here.

Jag35 SliderJag35 Sliders
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Olivia gets a a run through with the newest D-Focus Follow Focus Version 3 and a sneak peek on the newly announced D-Matte DSLR Matte box that will be available from Jag35. Standard 4x4 filters will be accepted on this two stage system. One holder can rotate for Circular Polarizer use.

The D-Focus V3 is already available, and the D-Matte will be shortly following the link: Jag35 D-Matte and D-Focus Version 3

To see why the pricing on this new Matte Box could be a hit, check out the going rates for current ones below.
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Then again in the most simplest term, a Matte Box helps hold filters, and also aids in shading the glass. It is possible to get the same effect using Cokin P Series filters. These are inexpensive ways to get ND filters, gradient filters, and other creative filters in front of your lenses. Found below.

Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 8.47.30 AM
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Jehu from Jag35 talks to Olivia and shows off their new Wireless Follow Focus system balanced on a Steadicam Merlin along with a Hacked Asus WiCast to send video to the focus puller. Jag35 has different version motors available depending on how much torque you need for the lenses you'll be using, giving you more affordable options. If you don't require a Wireless system, the same motors work with a tethered remote which they showed us on a seperate shoulder rig. After handling the units at NAB, they are very responsive, quick, and accurate for a Follow Focus on a budget. Gotta get me one of these. More information found below.

Jag35 remote wireless follow focus
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