4 thoughts on “Motorized Electronic Remote Follow Focus

  1. Mathew

    There's nothing "stiff" about that zoom ring; in fact the zoom on that lens is one of the lightest of all of Canon's zooms. It's the 18-55mm kit lens. The demonstration shows nothing about that motor's strength.

  2. jank

    This thing looks pretty killer, I got an odd diy rig that this would fit the bill for. I remember back in the diy lens adapter days on the hv20 these guys used to make rigs, not sure about how well they're known these days but I don't recall any horror stories about them... I can't justify buying the thing now, but I like it!

  3. My concern with this guy would be that he's got 96% positive feedback, which is king of low, and he does not allow returns. On the video his device looks like it's working fine.

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