Canon 5D Mark II Anti Twist Plate

The common problem with basic Tripod plates (quick release plates) is that you only have one main screw that attaches to the camera. So obviously with a little force, the camera seems to twist around, and sometimes come loose from the QR plate. This is especially more annoying when using a follow focus system and the lens moves away from the gear. If you look carefully under your camera, you'll find a tiny 'alignment' hole that most QR plates don't utilize.


To solve this problem, you would use an Anti Twist plate. Below are a few images of a Canon 5D Mark II Anti twist plate (only available for 5DM2 currently).

Canon 5D Anti Twist PlateCanon 5D Mark II Anti Twist Plate
3 screws to fasten the plate and 2 thread to fasten a quick release plate

The Canon 5D Mark II Anti Twist Plate takes advantage of the alignment hole on the camera to make sure it doesn't shift, and then there are two threaded holes that you would use to mount your QR plate. Yes, you would use both threads in your slotted plate which will prevent the plate from shifting also. If you have the need for a firm stance, check out these anti-twist plates via eBay (click here).

Canon 5D Mark II Anti Twist Plate
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11 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark II Anti Twist Plate

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @John - Which QR plates are you using? The idea is you have a sliding screw on your plate along with an alignment pin. If your camera body is too small to use the alignment pin, you can run a second screw into the sliding slot of the QR.

  2. John

    Really disappointed by these plate. Ordered 2, one for my 5D Mark II, one for my 5D Mark III, and the wholes just don't fit on quick release plates!??! The anti-twist plate goes just fine into the bottom of the camera, but you can only use of the other hole instead of both to fix the anti-twist plate to the quick release plate as the holes are not aligned !!! There's no point of using them...

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  4. schill

    I use Arca Swiss compatible plates on all of my cameras. They are made by companies like and and are specific to each camera. They are machined to fit the bottom of the camera and will not rotate (they don't depend on the camera having an additional hole in the bottom).

    For normal photography, I use a tripod head that has a clamp that works with these plates. For use on a 701HDV, I mount a clamp compatible with these plates to a normal quick release plate for that head. It makes it easy for me to move my camera between tripods.

    The plates are never removed from the bottom of the camera.

  5. Nikita Pavlov

    Bruce, this is for people who moved onto something bigger, let's say 701HDV head. 501PL plate has pin which goes straight into this anti-twist plate.

  6. Steven

    Please update the article when a T2i version is released and ready for purchase. I'm really interested in something like this.

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