2A USB Rechargeable Battery Pack

This is probably going over everyone's head, but I just saw this on the eBay deals page. A rechargeable USB battery pack that has ports for both 1A and 2.1A outputs. I don't know how consistent the output is, but it peaked my interest because my Asus WiCast (streaming HD video) requires 5V 2A minimum to run, or it's just not going to power up. Right now I have everything working nicely with the Tekkeon battery packs, but they are a bit large to mount with camera.

I tried a number of other USB battery packs for the 5V output, but they just didn't put out the 2A that I need. Maybe this one is different? The Asus probably needs the most amount of power, but if you're using something like the Brite-View HDMI wireless systems, that should that requires less. Anyways, I guess I might be the only one excited for something like this, so just ignore this post, but if you're shopping for a portable battery pack for anything else USB powered, it might be something to look into with the price drop (click here).

find-price-button Vaas VM50 5000mah 2.1A USB 5V Rechargeable

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Lee - The Vaas will only power 5V items. The 352 will only power with 12V-14V, so the CCTV batteries are still the best option. httpss://cheesycam.com/12v-dc-battery-with-5v-usb-port/

  2. Lee

    Hi Emm, do these power up the devices listed in your video here: Vaas 5000mAh Dual Port External Rechargeable Battery

    If so, I'm interested in getting these to power up the 352 LED ring light cos it's cheaper.. Thanks

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Jack - I am using the Tekkeon batteries to power both transmitter and receivers. Tekkeons have no problem whatsoever. I tried the USB batteries and it powers it up to send the video over, but I got a weird color. I don't know if it's enough power. Will have to try again.

  4. Hey Emm, I managed to get a hold of an Asus WiCast and I would love to know how to power both the sender and receiver using these batteries. Did you ever get it going? Did you ever get that cable? Thanks 😉

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Kevin - I had problems getting my Asus to power off other batteries, but I WAS able to power them from these USB packs. The trick for me was to use both the USB power and the main DC power input on the Asus. These battery packs have two USB outputs and that was enough to power my WiCast. I am waiting for one more cable to show how they are in use, but technically YES, they do work.

  6. Kevin

    Ive got the HP Wireless and the tekkeon is too big to mount with the camera. Any luck with these?

  7. What other uses could we use this battery for? I'm really looking for something to power my 7 inch liliput monitor, but I don't wanna spend all that cast no the Tekkeon, any suggestions?


  8. Henry

    This is a Chinese Me-Too product, so shop around as there are many Brands selling this battery pack under their own name. Also look on Amazon; search "usb battery pack"

  9. Dollar Bob

    They get great reviews on Amazon. Durability is one of the qualities frequently mentioned.

  10. I've been using a similar charger for a while to power my Wireless set up and it works fine. Just ordered a Lapdock which will kill two birds with one stone and stop clients peeping over my shoulder on set

  11. Dollar Bob

    It sure looks promising. I can't find and specs for the battery's dimensions, but it looks darn close to the same footprint of the Asus HDMI transceiver. It might even be a bit smaller.

    I had an Asus briefly last autumn, but returned it for reasons unrelated to its performance. It looked sharp, and could be more easily passed off as a piece of professional gear than the Brite-View. I almost got another until I found the next generation of HDMI transceivers had three times better range -- 30 yards instead of 30 feet.

    Then I got side tracked. Need to revisit wireless HDMI.

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