Pearstone LP-E6 Dual Battery Charger Review

Caleb over at posts up a short review on a dual LP-E6 battery charger (actually it can charge other batteries too with optional plates). Besides being able to visually tell you the status of your batteries, there's also a USB out to power or charge your USB devices. While a standard Canon LP-E6 charger will already run you about $55 dollars, this dual charger with some nice fancy features will only run you about $80 bucks.


Check out this charger at (click here).

[Update] Thanks to a comment from Rob S., it appears this same battery charger with LP-E6 plates included can be found for almost half price via Amazon + Free shipping for Prime (click here).

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12 thoughts on “Pearstone LP-E6 Dual Battery Charger Review

  1. Luke

    j hanna and kelly... are you talking about te dual ion/poloriod dual charger?

    Or do you both have this pearlstone charger, and you don't like it?

    I order one from amazon and if it is a waste of my time I'll cancel the order!!!

  2. Kelly

    I have this and it rarely works. There is no rhyme or reason, that I can tell, as to why it works and why it doesn't.

  3. j hanna

    @ John Akin I have one of those for my sony batteries and they are sooo finiicky. Instead of futzing with it i don't even use it.

  4. Keenan

    I use this charger, Dual-ion+

    This is the other one he mentioned in the video. I've had it for a couple months and it works great. It also has the plates so you can swap different types of batteries. It gives you light indicators of how much charge the battery has. which is enough for me. But to be able to see the battery's health with the pearstone is really cool.

    You can also bundle the Dual-ion+ charger with their LPE6 batteries, for a discount. Their batteries are completely compatible with my 7D.

  5. This is a great charger. I have had it for about 4 months now without an serious issues. I have noticed though that sometimes it can be moody when I'm charging my LP-E8's for my 600D. I sometimes have to stand them up rather then lay them flat for the connection to be made. A minor issue in my opinion for a great overall product. I really recommend this charger.

  6. I have this charger and it is AWESOME. I highly highly recommend it. It is an easier way to charge my gopro as well!

  7. Ray

    I have two of these because they were the only dual battery option available. I can't recommend them. I can only say they work 70% of the time. I think its the connection with the Canon plates that is weak. If I'm not in a rush I always prefer the single Canon chargers.

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